As a number of college basketball players say they will declare early for the NBA draft, wondering what kind of youthful optimism makes them think there WILL be an NBA draft.

We all have to do what we can to get through this crisis, but have a certain amount of respect for a Saints fan I know on Twitter who is spending all his stay at home time trolling the Atlanta Falcons and their fans.


For all these folks predicting a Coronavirus baby boom, have to think thought of HAVING to visit your doctor regularly soon then knowing a hospital visit is coming in 9 months would be enough to talk millions into safe sex.

And now Trump is rage tweeting that he won’t pay for security for Harry and Meghan? Uh, all those cities Donald has never paid back for covering his ego rallies say “Hi.”

Now Trump says he’ll be keeping the social distancing guidelines until April 30. So how long until Donald attacks media who repeat his quotes about opening by Easter?

Since Trump is so concerned about television ratings could we all promise him that he could get the highest ratings ever recorded for this resignation speech? I promise to watch, RT if you agree.

Pretty sure in retrospect that we saw Trump’s re-election strategy today in Rose Garden – announce that 2 million Americans could die. Then with death toll anything below that he will personally take credit for saving the others.

Yeah, it’s an indecent proposal, but since it’s all about ratings with Donald could we pay someone to have sex with Trump in a windmill if he’d stop these inane press conferences? #TheBachelor


How long until Trump says it was Hunter Biden’s idea to ship all US PPE to China?

Ket me ask a simple question, if Bernie Sanders had 1,217 delegates, compared to Joe Biden’s 914 delegates, and of the 171 remaining pledged delegates, most of them were pledged to Sanders endorsers, would Bernie and his supporters be urging Biden to stay in?

Another longer post:. This post is not about whether Joe Biden is the very best nominee the Democrats could have chosen. (And hey, I still think Bill Bradley was better than Al Gore, and Howard Dean would have been better than John Kerry. For starters.) But the fact remains, if it were not for this Coronavirus pandemic, Biden would either already be the official nominee by now, or over the top on April 28. And I have more than made my peace with that.
So it increasingly strikes me that soon, Biden should name his running mate, his first SCOTUS pick, and those he has chosen, assuming they agree, for his cabinet. This is not to insult Bernie Sanders, but to give those women, and men, higher stature, and more of a platform to speak out as part of a Democratic alternative to the current sh*tshow we see daily with Trump’s task force. And it will give the media less of an excuse not to cover that alternative.

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