Different colors.

How much as an SF Giants fan did I dread the idea of seeing Madison Bumgarner in a Diamondbacks uniform this year?
How happy as a baseball fan will I be to see Madison Bumgarner play a real MLB game in any uniform this year?

And open note to KNBR, the Giants’ flagship station : I love the SF Giants and can’t wait for baseball to come back but if you ever air an ad for “My Pillow” again I may have to find another way to listen to games. Thank you.

On a lighter note – love this Twitter exchange. Drew Brees @drewbrees

· 15h The baby rattlesnakes were out today… Saw them on the late afternoon walk with the dogs. instagram.com/p/B-V3WleHMXp/ Sean Payton

· 13h Let’s find a different route. Ok?


Who knew that one day “what you could do for your country” would be being a couch potato?

Winston Churchill to President Roosevelt during the London Blitz “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”

Donald Trump to Governors during the Coronavirus pandemic “I haven’t heard about testing being a problem.”

Trump really really wants a holiday named after him. Can I suggest April 1?

Gavin Newsom on “the Daily Show with Trevor Noah” saying California only received 400 ventilators from Feds, all broken, down in Los Angeles, but that they shipped them to Silicon Valley, got them fixed & returned them to LA. Almost think Trump is disappointed the ventilators were fixable.

So how much would we all give to see some reporter at tomorrow’s  CoronavirusPress Conference ask Donald how he gets his spray tan person declared “essential?”

Serious question, is Trump looking at the way coronavirus is ravaging some urban areas now and figuring that he’s fine because it will kill more blue voters?

Glossary for those who need help translating Trump Press Conference “That’s a snarky, nasty question.” Translation – “You just pointed out one of my obvious lies.”

As Rachel Maddow points out, among the states in the US with the highest number of coronavirus, Florida alone has no statewide #StayAtHome order. Missouri, with a 600% increase in cases, doesn’t have one either. Wonder what these two states have in common?

I’ve been a passionate Democrat all my life. This means 2 things.

 1. I have cried, more than once, over a really good candidate who didn’t make it through the primary.

2. I have then put on my big girl pants & voted for the winner in the general. Period. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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