Winning colors, or mascots.

Usually at this time of year the most obnoxious people, who don’t know NEARLY as much as they think they do, are those who somehow have guessed their way into near-perfect March Madness brackets.


Well, two days after MLB Opening Day a record number of teams are still undefeated.



Just finished my 2020 Census form. One of the questions is basically – “will you be living or staying at your residence on April 1, 2020? “Staying” has a whole new meaning than it did a couple weeks ago.

Getting an on-line ad for “People Magazine,” where the current cover story is all about Coronavirus, with the tagline “Pick up your copy today.” Uh “pick up?” Maybe rethink that.

A little gallows humor, I’m past this problem but how many women in this country wake up at night and worry “Coronavirus or hot flash?”

You know which Governors are doing the best jobs dealing with Coronavirus pandemic. They’re the ones Donald Trump is attacking.

With so few drivers on the road, California Highway Patrol says they have been issuing an increasing number of citations for driving over 100mph. On brighter note, such drivers may be increasing potential pool of organ donors.

This week ave watched heartbreaking videos of Amy Klobuchar, talking about her husband, and Joe Biden,  talking about those who have lost family members, this week. Serious question, does anyone believe Trump has ever cried. Or even choked up?

Asked about if Trump’s statement that appreciation is how it’s supposed to work – Joe Biden “I thought the Federal Government is supposed to do their job.”

Donald Trump reportedly saying he wants his signature on stimulus checks so Americans can see it. Can someone please tell him that coronavirus can last on Sharpies pens indefinitely?

A real shame for America Trump can’t treat the coronavirus like one of his casinos. It would be gone within a month.

Can any Trump defender with a straight face say that the time and money it cost to get him to Norfolk today for his USNS Comfort photo up was worth more than, say, using those resources to get medical supplies to hospitals that desperately need them?


As Trump attacks governors who aren’t “nice” to him: “Quid Pro Quo” – “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.” Gosh, if only America had had the chance to tell Donald Trump this was not OK?

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One Comment on “Winning colors, or mascots.”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    Wait until you are in your 70’s and 80’s, and every day you wake-up with aches and pains, and you don’t know if it is normal or you are sick.

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