Gentlemen, start your fans?

Indy 500 has been postponed until August 23. Anyone ever been in Indianapolis in August? Coronavirus may be under control but spectators may die of heatstroke.


Jay Inslee said Trump said during a call with Governors that Donald’s administration was willing to be a “backup” during coronavirus crisis, but the  Washington Governor. responded “We don’t need a backup, we need a Tom Brady.” Uh, a Tom Brady?

Not a Russell Wilson?

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that people who fly into Texas from NYC area OR New Orleans will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. Well, good thing airplanes are the only way to travel in US…. And that Texas doesn’t share a border with Louisiana.


Watched White House briefing today.   Anyone else watching feel after Trump exits the room like they need a shower?


Let’s be very clear, many of the (mostly red) states without large outbreaks (so far) are those with lowest population density in USA, with correspondingly low contributions to our GNP. So those are the states Trump wants to reopen to fix our economy?

Apparently Trump has states bidding and competing against each other for medical equipment and supplies. Does Donald think this is some sick reality show called “Coronavirus Apprentice”?

Learned something new. Before I blocked a twitter bot saw the new narrative that Hillary is just propping up Joe Biden so that he will name her VP & she can finally become President. Wonder if they’ll claim she cooked up this plan in a pizza parlor.

Dr. Fauci with Trevor Noah is SO much of an improvement over Dr. Fauci with Donald Trump. Period.  (And wow, who knew the Dr. could actually smile.)

Dr. Fauci to Trevor Noah, “right now today as we speak there is no proven safe and effective method to cure coronavirus disease.” Fortunately Trump probably doesn’t know Comedy Central exists, so he won’t fire Fauci.”

Ivanka Trump posted a video of her children washing their hands, with $39 hand soap. What’s next, tomorrow she’ll tell us to eat $100 cakes?

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has ordered Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA closed as “non-essential.” So looking good for those who have Northam in Trump Governor Insult Bingo.


Let me be VERY clear about Trump blaming Obama for everything going wrong w/ US coronavirus response: Lies aside, if you take over as an executive, you might be able to blame problems on old boss for short time. But when you’ve been on job for over 3 years – the problem is YOURS.

And for all those who have been asking “Where is Joe Biden and why hasn’t he been speaking out?  I provide a link. The date to this op-ed, January 27, 2020.


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