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Missing sticking to sports…

March 8, 2020

One week until  March Madness Selection Sunday.    Have to admit. with everything else going on in the world,  the idea that for a few days millions of Americans will get worked up simply over which teams were robbed will be a nice change.

So wait, someone actually got paid a lot of money to come up with that new Rams logo? WTF?

How long until some Trump cult members accuse Hillary Clinton of cooking up coronavirus in a pedophile pizza parlor?


So Trump actually retweeted an image which makes him look like Nero fiddling in flames. Hey Donald, there are moments when if you knew a bit about history it might help….

Trump keeps bragging about his China “travel ban.” So I’ll keep reminding people – it restricted “all foreign nationals who have been to China in past 14 days.” It didn’t include US Citizens, their families & permanent residents. Think the Coronavirus checks passports?


In a background call with reporters Sunday evening the Trump campaign argued Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are interchangeable as candidates.
Gosh, if only Donald spent any time on Twitter?

Trump’s surgeon general says he thinks coronavirus is “contained” in certain areas of the country.
Once again, Princess Bride ‘You keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

So since Trump has shaken hands with #Mattschlapp who was in contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus at CPAC, can we quarantine Donald? Asking for a country.

Joe stutters. So what. Count me in as a Obiden-Bama Democrat

Kamala Harris endorsed Joe Biden today. Good for her, but have to wonder… what took her so long?

PSA for USA. Biden is old, Sanders is old. And if both of them were in their late 90s in wheelchairs, they would STILL be better Presidents than Donald Trump. Seriously

Joe Biden has said and done some things over the years many of us Democrats now disagree with. Hello, he’s been in politics over 40 years, who amongst us hasn’t changed our mind or evolved on something?


So, a Freudian slip when Amy Klobuchar was campaigning for Joe yesterday?
“I could not think of a better way to end my candidacy, as hard as it was to do with our beloved staff and everyone else, than to join the tick–… then Amy stopped “”Guys, I was going to say … ,” she said over chants of her name, “than to join the terrific, the terrific, terrific campaign of Joe Biden.”
Here’s the thing…. Biden made no secret of the fact he wanted to be Obama’s running mate. Klobuchar won’t say it directly, but why SHOULDN’T she want the job?