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Letting the air out.

March 24, 2020

Tom Brady was introduced tonight as the new quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.   Not having that be anywhere near as big a headline as that would have been without coronavirus must be rather deflating.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence started a GoFundMe page to help coronavirus victims. The NCAA made him shut it down because it’s a “violation.:”

In times of crisis, you can ALWAYS count on the NCAA to do the wrong thing.

One problem with tele-work is that you can’t blame traffic for being late to the office.

Anyone who supports Jerry Falwell Jr. reopening Liberty University next week is hereby forever forbidden from referring to themselves as “Pro-life.”

Nordstrom has closed stores but is selling online. Today they sent out an email headed “stylish in sweats.” Uh, if we’re all at home alone or with just our families does anyone really care how stylish they look right now?

Is it wrong if you see someone’s name trending and almost hope it’s because they have Coronavirus? Asking for a friend whose better angels are staying at home.

Just think, it was only 7 weeks ago that the biggest f*ckup many of us knew in 2020 American politics involved the Iowa caucuses. #TrumpPandemic

Now Rachel Maddow talking about how inexplicably America does not have a national policy on dealing with Coronavirus. Well maybe it’s because we don’t have a President.

So  with non-essential DC workers being told to stay home, how does the person who does Donald Trump’s daily spray tan get a pass?

Why did Apple have 9 million masks in their storehouses? Asking for a country.

Trump talking about sections of our country that are doing “very very well.” Yeah, if someone falls off the Empire State building they’re doing very very well for about the first 90 floors too.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to ban most abortions in the state during coronavirus outbreak, declaring they don’t qualify as essential surgeries. So can women with unwanted pregnancy get a claim form to have their fetus, once born, be subsidized by the state until they are 18?

Watching Joe Biden and Nicole Wallace today talking from their basements felt like a nice warm hug. And again, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and even Fox News, why aren’t you giving Democrats DAILY equal time to address the country on coronavirus?  We have real unmuzzled scientists too.

Glad that Mitt Romney doesn’t have coronavirus… but how did he get results in 2 days, when it took even law professor John Bessler, Amy Klobuchar’s husband, 5 1/2 days when he had serious symptoms & needed to be hospitalized? Can only imagine how bad it is for average people.

And doing the math, Amy Klobuchar was back in the Midwest and campaigning  several times a day for Joe Biden in Michigan when her husband caught the coronavirus in Baltimore/DC area. Then out of an abundance of caution,  since he had  fever and cold symptoms Amy didn’t go back to their DC apartment when she returned.

So her hard work may have saved Senate lives. Seriously.