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February 29, 2020

Meanwhile, on another lighter note, the Milwaukee Bucks have officially clinched a playoff spot.

For the uninitiated, it’s still February. The NBA season ends in April.

Might be the first post I do lauding NCAA. Their football rules committee recommends changing instant replay rules to a two-minute limit. If you can’t figure it out in 2 minutes the call would stand.
Uh, NFL, MLB, NBA….?


Tony Romo getting $17 million next year from CBS as an analyst, almost as much as he made as a QB. Seems like a good deal for CBS, Romo is a better analyst than he was a QB.

Admit I wasn’t thrilled about the SF Giants Gabe Kapler hire. But I did like that he’s an admitted Democrat. Admit also to being amused and pleased tonight when he was miked up for NBC TV in the dugout but then Rockies put runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. “Okay guys, got to let you go, I got a game situation to manage here.” In Spring Training. (Giants and Cueto got out of it.)


So now Katie Miller, is in charge of approving all coronavirus communications. She’s the one who out of all the men in the world chose to marry Stephen Miller. Anyone but me find that rather damning regarding her judgment?

Fox News “As coronavirus concerns sweeps nation and make news across globe, liberal CNN is being criticized for placing blame for its spread on President Trump and politicizing the alarming illness.” Of course, one immigrant kills one American & Fox will politicize it for weeks.

If Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney think that coronavirus is a hoax they should immediately lead a GOP delegation to China to reassure the American people.

Gosh, if you look at Tom Steyer commercials, which are almost as ubiquitous in California as Mike Bloomberg commercials, you’d wonder if Tom has any white friends at all…
Trump on stock market crash this week – I think they’re not very happy with the Democrat candidates when they see them. I think that has an impact.”
Uh, if Donald is sure he’s going to win, why would it MATTER who Democrats nominate?
Since Trump and company are downplaying coronavirus, muzzling scientists and saying it’s a media hoax, how long until other countries advise their citizens against travel to the USA? Or ban Americans from visiting?

Flipping the calendar…

February 27, 2020

It’s February 28. Not sure what we’re going to call Donald Trump’s coronavirus startegy. Alas “March Madness” is already taken.

Madison Bumgarner, fresh off an off-season that included winning a team-roping rodeo competition, had a strong first outing for Dbacks today. Will he call his approach to batters a “rope-a-dope” strategy?


Lawyers for actress Lori Loughlin say evidence shows she s innocent of trying to bribe her daughters’ way into USC as fake crew recruits because notes “support the couple’s claim that they believed their payments were legitimate donations, not bribes.
So if Loughlin and her husband thought they were donating to USC while they pretended their daughters rowed that’s okay then? Got it.

One of the boats on Disney World’s Jungle Cruise sank today. Wonder how long it will take Disney to rebrand the attraction as a thrill ride?   Or as a friend wonders, how long until they decide it’s their new Little Mermaid ride? #UnderTheSea

Rudy Giuliani thought he had hung up phone on a reporter and was overheard saying “I just keep getting disappointed. I got about five friends left.”
Thoughts and prayers.

Coca Cola is saying there could be a Diet Coke shortage as their supply chain of artificial sweeteners from China has been disrupted.
NOW will Trump take coronavirus seriously?!!

Hey folks, it’s all good, Trump spent afternoon meeting with Diamond and Silk. I am sure he’ll be inviting them to join his coronavirus task Force next?

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
George Orwell.
Waiting with this coronavirus for Trump to order Pence to say two plus two make five.

Stock market tanked further after Trump White House said all statements about coronavirus had to go through Mike Pence. When the US gets through this, and we will, ask yourself, are these the kind of people you want in charge of keeping Americans safe? Seriously.


I got three, count ’em THREE, mailers for Mike Bloomberg today. Does he really think more expensive fodder for the recycling bin is going to help his chances on Super Tuesday?

Not that the American democracy experiment has been a bad thing, but in a parliamentary system, as in Canada and the UK, about now might be a really good time to call for a vote of no confidence.

It’s catching?

February 27, 2020

Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and Ticket Network told a congressional committee Wednesday that they would support a federal mandate to disclose “all-in” ticket prices, instead of the current pricing only when someone tries to buy tickets.
Uh, what’s stopping them now?

Alex Bregman on Wednesday became the 7th Astros player hit by a pitch in five spring training games.  If only there was a way to warn Houston players which pitch was coming.

First confirmed case of coronavirus not from travel or contact from a known infected individual is in Solano County. Over-under on how long it takes for Trump to blame California?

But wait, Trump said warm weather would kill the corona virus. It was 77 degrees today in Solano County.


Ah, the market drop was not coronavirus, but basically because of the Democratic candidates running for President, and their debate a day AFTER the biggest decline. Even by Trump standards that’s pretty good.

But did we really need to watch Trump press conference this afternoon on Coronavirus. Pretty sure we could have all summarized it in advance. 1. There’s nothing to worry about. 2. It’s not my fault.

So remember, whatever medical experts Trump uses to reassure us about the coronavirus are the same ones who tell us Donald is 6’3″ and 239 pounds.

Trump on coronavirus “Now, it may get bigger. It may get a little bigger. It may not get bigger at all.”  Or maybe Donald was confused and was thinking of what he told Stormy Daniels.

Trump says there are 15 cases of coronavirus in US, when there are actually at least 60. This is unusual, Donald almost never lies to make a number smaller… unless it’s his golf score.


As a Californian, I’ve mailed in my ballot. Some saying not to vote for Amy Klobuchar because she’s not high in polls. But watching  CNN Town Hall reminded me why she’s my candidate. And why I’m proud to have voted for her. Polls don’t elect people, people elect people.


February 26, 2020

The 2021 World Baseball Classic will be played in Taiwan, Tokyo, Phoenix and Miami. i Marlins Park in Miami will host the semifinals and final along with half of the quarterfinals.

Seems like a good fit, these days Marlins fans should be about the best in baseball in appreciating top level amateur talent..

Jose Altuve was hit in the foot batting during the Astros first away game of Spring Training.
Two questions, what’s the team record for batters HBP in a season?
And how long this season will it take Houston to break it?

Duke allowed 113 points today in a double overtime loss to Wake Forest. 113 points?  That kind of defense would indicate at least some of the Blue Devils are NBA ready.

Disney CEO Bob Iger to step down immediately, saying it’s “optimal time to transition.”
Seems kind of like a Mickey Mouse explanation.

Give me a bleeping break. Some conservatives now attacking Michelle Obama over old footage of her praising Harvey Weinstein.
I think Weinstein should rot in jail, but where are their attacks on George W. Bush for giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bill Cosby?

On a lighter note, ABC is now casting a Senior version of the Bachelor, recruiting men and women over 65 who are “looking for love.”
So in Senior Bachelor it will be a Fantasy they can still do anything in the Suite?

Bloomberg keeps talking in ads about leading New York through 9-11. Uh, how soon we forget the actual mayor on Sept 11, 2001 – Mr “A noun, a verb, and 9-11.”


Some worry we don’t have a capable Democratic candidate for President. I think we have more capable Democratic candidates than we have capable debate moderators.

Amy Klobuchar is starting to remind me of that Adlai Stevenson story when a woman said “Every thinking person would be voting for you”. He retorted, “Madam, that is not enough. I need a majority.”

and every woman in the world can relate to this…. fightnight

The only candidate who had uninterrupted time in South Carolina’s Democratic Debate  Tuesday was Mike Bloomberg during his TWO commercials.

Rush Limbaugh. ” Folks, this coronavirus thing, I want to try to put this in perspective for you. It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump. Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus. You think I’m wrong about this? You think I’m missing it by saying that’s — Yeah, I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”
Hmm, so, why don’t Rush and Donald take a little trip together to China and prove it?

The weight of it all.

February 25, 2020


Former heavyweight world titlist Deontay Wilder says he lost his bout last weekend in part because the 40-pound costume he wore into the ring was too heavy and hurt his legs.

And women are going, “40 pounds?   Meh, that’s the weight of my small purse.”

New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin avoided more serious injury but fractured ribs in a car accident this weekend and will be re-evaluated “in a couple weeks.” Well, I know a certain Zamboni driver who might be available.

Your reminder that when the Ebola crisis hit, Barack Obama didn’t say “everything was under control.” he had US lead the response and got Congress to appropriate over $5 billion…. And Ebola was largely contained to West Africa, with 11 cases only in the US.


On the other hand, 2,600 people have died worldwide from coronavirus. So far, 16,000 people in US alone have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized from the flue just during just 2019-2020 flu season. So anyone freaking out about coronavirus, please, if you haven’t, get your flu shot.


India does have three reported cases of coronavirus. Out of an abundance of caution can the US quarantine anyone who travels there.  Asking for a country.

Btw, can someone come up with one good reason why our tax dollars are paying for Jared and Ivanka to go to India?

Trump this morning talked about loving Indians -“We have millions of people from India living in the United States and doing very well in the United States.”
Donald didn’t mention he’s trying to ban almost 100,000 spouses of H1-B visas from working in the US. And over 73% percent of H1-B visas holders are from India.


Tonight Rachel Maddow pointed out  that Tom Steyer spent $14.4 million in Nevada. Yes, fourteen! Bernie Sanders spent the next most at $1.8 million, Amy Klobuchar spent the least at $850,000 thousand. And for $14.4 million he got fifth.

Amy Klobuchar blanked on name of Mexico’s President & it was top news story all week and a debate question.
Bernie Sanders said he opposed “authoritarian nature” of Castro’s regime, but “it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad.”
Sure hope he gets asked about that statement in Tuesday’s debate.
Bernie Sanders is running TV ad in California featuring John F. Kennedy making a speech. Uh, if JFK were running now Bernie would be attacking him as part of billionaire establishment.
Meanwhile, on “The Bachelor,” apparently a woman who signed up knowing the man she would be dating had sex four times in a windmill with “The Bachelorette” is upset he would sleep with other women on this show. Beam me up, Scotty…

The Pierre Delecto of baseball?

February 24, 2020

Madison Bumgarner has apparently been competing in rodeos for the past few years using the alias Mason Saunders.   No bull.

Dbacks GM Mike Hazen told “The Athletic” he was “not going to get into discussing specific contract language” when asked about Bumgarner’s hobby. Well, if Arizona voids his deal maybe SF Giants could get him Madbum back?

Have to love it. A number of fans showed up with anti-Astros signs at Houston’s first spring training game. Ballpark security stole their signs.


Just wondering, whose bright idea was to have two of first three Democratic primaries be caucuses? Asking for a country.

The Prisoners Dilemma was a lot more fun as an example in Psychology class than the state of moderates in the Democratic primary.

Saturday was #NationalMargaritaDay – Waiting for Trump to say tequila is taking the job away from American alcohol.

Bernie Sanders was endorsed by Marianne Williamson. Just when things were going so well for him.

Clint Eastwood endorsed Mike Bloomberg. But what does Clint’s chair think?

Twitter is suspending 70+ accounts for posting identical pre-written messages about Mike Bloomberg. Meanwhile, I’m seeing nothing about suspending the 1 million new Russian bots Donald adds each week….

Your reminder, of the remaining credible Democratic field for President , there are more millionaire white men over 75 running than there are women.

Susan Sarandon is now going after Nancy Pelosi.  Your reminder that Sarandon said there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Maybe I’m wrong, but as an Anglophile I look at Bernie Sanders and see an older grouchier Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump is heading for a meat-free few days in India. Who beside me thinks he’s smuggled some “hamberders” on Air Force One?


Trump says his visit might be the “biggest event they’ve ever had in India.” Waiting for him to declare himself bigger than Gandhi.

Back to sports for the best story of the week.  A Zamboni driver steps in as an emergency goalie…. and WINS.     Worth a read.

Full count

February 21, 2020

Your reminder that as much as all of MLB is hating on the Astros right now, the league report and punishment for Red Sox hasn’t come out yet.

Meanwhile, your shocking NBA story of the night, so to start out the 2nd half of the season, the Spurs actually built a lead that could withstand the 4th quarter? Wow!   (18 point lead, won by 9.)

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has apologized for calling the World Series trophy “just a piece of metal.” Would he consider World Series rings “just pieces of jewelry?”


Victoria’s Secret is being sold. For each store they purchase will the buyers get the other one half off?

Dick Van Dyke has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Well, of course, Dick considers Bernie to be young talent.


I’m so old I remember when Paul Ryan was considered a Republican with principles.


Until we get rid of Citizen’s United, we’re going to need money in politics. I don’t begrudge Bernie that. I also don’t, however, like hypocrisy.

For example, since I’m somehow on their email list – this from Bernie’s “non-SuperPac – “Our Revolution is taking the fight directly to corporate favorite Pete Buttigieg. Rush a donation now to help us continue challenging corporate Democrats like Pete Buttigieg & Joe Biden.”


So let’s get this straight. Trump writes love letters to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and knocks the South Korean Best Picture winner. Think we have bigger things to worry about than the tone of Democratic debate.

Trump wants to have “Gone with the Wind” back. He does remember at the end of the movie the rich white slave-owners in the South have lost?

-Trump’s reported anger about news that Russia is trying to help him win election is as if Astros called a Press Conference and said the REAL problem is that everyone found out, because we wanted to keep cheating to win another World Series in 2020.


First Russian interference for Donald Trump, now for Bernie Sanders… this remake of the Manchurian candidate really s*cks.

Your reminder that if Trump was asked if he could name the President of Mexico and responded “no,” he’d now be telling us that the leader of Mexico is named President Know.

On a positive note,  IMHO, my newspaper.