The weight of it all.


Former heavyweight world titlist Deontay Wilder says he lost his bout last weekend in part because the 40-pound costume he wore into the ring was too heavy and hurt his legs.

And women are going, “40 pounds?   Meh, that’s the weight of my small purse.”

New York Rangers goaltender Igor Shesterkin avoided more serious injury but fractured ribs in a car accident this weekend and will be re-evaluated “in a couple weeks.” Well, I know a certain Zamboni driver who might be available.

Your reminder that when the Ebola crisis hit, Barack Obama didn’t say “everything was under control.” he had US lead the response and got Congress to appropriate over $5 billion…. And Ebola was largely contained to West Africa, with 11 cases only in the US.


On the other hand, 2,600 people have died worldwide from coronavirus. So far, 16,000 people in US alone have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized from the flue just during just 2019-2020 flu season. So anyone freaking out about coronavirus, please, if you haven’t, get your flu shot.


India does have three reported cases of coronavirus. Out of an abundance of caution can the US quarantine anyone who travels there.  Asking for a country.

Btw, can someone come up with one good reason why our tax dollars are paying for Jared and Ivanka to go to India?

Trump this morning talked about loving Indians -“We have millions of people from India living in the United States and doing very well in the United States.”
Donald didn’t mention he’s trying to ban almost 100,000 spouses of H1-B visas from working in the US. And over 73% percent of H1-B visas holders are from India.


Tonight Rachel Maddow pointed out  that Tom Steyer spent $14.4 million in Nevada. Yes, fourteen! Bernie Sanders spent the next most at $1.8 million, Amy Klobuchar spent the least at $850,000 thousand. And for $14.4 million he got fifth.

Amy Klobuchar blanked on name of Mexico’s President & it was top news story all week and a debate question.
Bernie Sanders said he opposed “authoritarian nature” of Castro’s regime, but “it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad.”
Sure hope he gets asked about that statement in Tuesday’s debate.
Bernie Sanders is running TV ad in California featuring John F. Kennedy making a speech. Uh, if JFK were running now Bernie would be attacking him as part of billionaire establishment.
Meanwhile, on “The Bachelor,” apparently a woman who signed up knowing the man she would be dating had sex four times in a windmill with “The Bachelorette” is upset he would sleep with other women on this show. Beam me up, Scotty…
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  1. DV Says:

    Nothing about Mad Bum and his Rodeo Career?

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