The Pierre Delecto of baseball?

Madison Bumgarner has apparently been competing in rodeos for the past few years using the alias Mason Saunders.   No bull.

Dbacks GM Mike Hazen told “The Athletic” he was “not going to get into discussing specific contract language” when asked about Bumgarner’s hobby. Well, if Arizona voids his deal maybe SF Giants could get him Madbum back?

Have to love it. A number of fans showed up with anti-Astros signs at Houston’s first spring training game. Ballpark security stole their signs.


Just wondering, whose bright idea was to have two of first three Democratic primaries be caucuses? Asking for a country.

The Prisoners Dilemma was a lot more fun as an example in Psychology class than the state of moderates in the Democratic primary.

Saturday was #NationalMargaritaDay – Waiting for Trump to say tequila is taking the job away from American alcohol.

Bernie Sanders was endorsed by Marianne Williamson. Just when things were going so well for him.

Clint Eastwood endorsed Mike Bloomberg. But what does Clint’s chair think?

Twitter is suspending 70+ accounts for posting identical pre-written messages about Mike Bloomberg. Meanwhile, I’m seeing nothing about suspending the 1 million new Russian bots Donald adds each week….

Your reminder, of the remaining credible Democratic field for President , there are more millionaire white men over 75 running than there are women.

Susan Sarandon is now going after Nancy Pelosi.  Your reminder that Sarandon said there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Maybe I’m wrong, but as an Anglophile I look at Bernie Sanders and see an older grouchier Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump is heading for a meat-free few days in India. Who beside me thinks he’s smuggled some “hamberders” on Air Force One?


Trump says his visit might be the “biggest event they’ve ever had in India.” Waiting for him to declare himself bigger than Gandhi.

Back to sports for the best story of the week.  A Zamboni driver steps in as an emergency goalie…. and WINS.     Worth a read.

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