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Your reminder that as much as all of MLB is hating on the Astros right now, the league report and punishment for Red Sox hasn’t come out yet.

Meanwhile, your shocking NBA story of the night, so to start out the 2nd half of the season, the Spurs actually built a lead that could withstand the 4th quarter? Wow!   (18 point lead, won by 9.)

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has apologized for calling the World Series trophy “just a piece of metal.” Would he consider World Series rings “just pieces of jewelry?”


Victoria’s Secret is being sold. For each store they purchase will the buyers get the other one half off?

Dick Van Dyke has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Well, of course, Dick considers Bernie to be young talent.


I’m so old I remember when Paul Ryan was considered a Republican with principles.


Until we get rid of Citizen’s United, we’re going to need money in politics. I don’t begrudge Bernie that. I also don’t, however, like hypocrisy.

For example, since I’m somehow on their email list – this from Bernie’s “non-SuperPac – “Our Revolution is taking the fight directly to corporate favorite Pete Buttigieg. Rush a donation now to help us continue challenging corporate Democrats like Pete Buttigieg & Joe Biden.”


So let’s get this straight. Trump writes love letters to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and knocks the South Korean Best Picture winner. Think we have bigger things to worry about than the tone of Democratic debate.

Trump wants to have “Gone with the Wind” back. He does remember at the end of the movie the rich white slave-owners in the South have lost?

-Trump’s reported anger about news that Russia is trying to help him win election is as if Astros called a Press Conference and said the REAL problem is that everyone found out, because we wanted to keep cheating to win another World Series in 2020.


First Russian interference for Donald Trump, now for Bernie Sanders… this remake of the Manchurian candidate really s*cks.

Your reminder that if Trump was asked if he could name the President of Mexico and responded “no,” he’d now be telling us that the leader of Mexico is named President Know.

On a positive note,  IMHO, my newspaper.  https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-Chronicle-recommends-Amy-Klobuchar-in-15074770.php?utm_campaign=CMS%20Sharing%20Tools%20(Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

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2 Comments on “Full count”

  1. Mark Ricklis Says:

    Time for a third party to show up, The dictator on the far right and the socialist on the far left do not represent America at its best. Maybe that’s what Bloomberg has been positioning himself for, but I still want Amy!

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