Calm before the storm

San Antonio Spurs had a 22 point lead with five minutes left in 3rd quarter tonight. This season a big Spurs lead late in the game is like watching the happy moments of what you know will be a horror movie.

Rob Manfred wants to change MLB playoffs to letting 7 teams win, with expanded wildcards, and gimmicks like letting the top team pick who they want to play in the first round.   Hell,  so how long until fans can vote for their favorite teams like they do All-Stars?


Amy Klobuchar leads with eight votes after three townships cast their ballots at midnight in New Hampshire. Don’t laugh. It’s eight more votes than they had definitely counted after the first night in Iowa.


Trump has decided to go to India in a couple weeks. Since he’s so sure Coronavirus is under control why doesn’t he stop off in Beijing?

Actually Trump now tells us the coronavirus will be no problem because China has told him it will go away when the weather warms up. So now the stable genius is a medical genius too?

Good to see Trump focused on a US response to the increasingly global Coronavirus crisis. His 2021 Budget Proposal, released today, outlines a nearly $65M proposed cut to the World Health Organization WHO – a more than 50% decrease from FY20 funding. It also proposes a 34% overall cut to Global Health Programs…
Wait, never mind…. WTAF?

Attorney Joe diGenova said on a radio show Trump has identified writer of anonymous NY Times editorial & will “soon” fire them. Uh, “soon?” Since when does Donald make a plan to do anything more than about 5 minutes in advance?

Trump said it was “perfect” SOTU speech & tweeted “We will not be touching your Social Security or Medicare in Fiscal Year 2021 Budget.” – Today his budget proposes $800 BILLION cuts to SS and, Medicare. Anyone else figured out for Trump “perfect” means perfect lies?

Now 100 US service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries in the wake of the January 8 Iranian missile attack. Are we waiting for Trump to show up and throw them aspirin?

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