Good news.

The real winner in tonight’s Democratic primary?   Iowa over New Hampshire.


The only way Amy Klobuchar might have sounded happier tonight is if the Vikings had made it to the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow, 32, starts NY Mets spring training this week and says he is still driven to someday play in MLB. Or even with the Mets.


Elizabeth Warren- very classy. “I want to congratulate my friend and colleague Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out.”

Okay, who had Amy getting more votes in New Hampshire than Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren? Now all you liars put your hands down.

Under Barr, can we rename it the Injustice Department?

Elizabeth  Warren nails it. “Susan Collins said Donald Trump has learned a lesson. He has – the lesson is that he can do anything he wants.”.

Under Barr, can we rename it the Injustice Department?
So I must have missed it, when did Susan Collins, who voted for him, announce that she was “very troubled” by William Barr?
Former Massachusetts Governor Deval  Patrick announce he  will  end his  2020 presidential bid. Shocking millions of Americans who didn’t realize he was running.

PSA, EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRATIC Presidential candidate has done something you disagree with. And the longer they have been in public service, the more “somethings” there will be. Get over it, or we will have 4 more years of Trump. Thank you.

Joe Biden says Democrats can run Mickey Mouse against Donald Trump and have a chance. Well, if Mickey offers everyone free Disney tickets Joe might be right.

Andrew Yang is dropping out of the Presidential race. I guess he did the math.

Jussie Smollett should be in jail
So should Roger Stone.
It’s not that hard.
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