It’s catching?

Ticketmaster, Stubhub, and Ticket Network told a congressional committee Wednesday that they would support a federal mandate to disclose “all-in” ticket prices, instead of the current pricing only when someone tries to buy tickets.
Uh, what’s stopping them now?

Alex Bregman on Wednesday became the 7th Astros player hit by a pitch in five spring training games.  If only there was a way to warn Houston players which pitch was coming.

First confirmed case of coronavirus not from travel or contact from a known infected individual is in Solano County. Over-under on how long it takes for Trump to blame California?

But wait, Trump said warm weather would kill the corona virus. It was 77 degrees today in Solano County.


Ah, the market drop was not coronavirus, but basically because of the Democratic candidates running for President, and their debate a day AFTER the biggest decline. Even by Trump standards that’s pretty good.

But did we really need to watch Trump press conference this afternoon on Coronavirus. Pretty sure we could have all summarized it in advance. 1. There’s nothing to worry about. 2. It’s not my fault.

So remember, whatever medical experts Trump uses to reassure us about the coronavirus are the same ones who tell us Donald is 6’3″ and 239 pounds.

Trump on coronavirus “Now, it may get bigger. It may get a little bigger. It may not get bigger at all.”  Or maybe Donald was confused and was thinking of what he told Stormy Daniels.

Trump says there are 15 cases of coronavirus in US, when there are actually at least 60. This is unusual, Donald almost never lies to make a number smaller… unless it’s his golf score.


As a Californian, I’ve mailed in my ballot. Some saying not to vote for Amy Klobuchar because she’s not high in polls. But watching  CNN Town Hall reminded me why she’s my candidate. And why I’m proud to have voted for her. Polls don’t elect people, people elect people.

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