Flipping the calendar…

It’s February 28. Not sure what we’re going to call Donald Trump’s coronavirus startegy. Alas “March Madness” is already taken.

Madison Bumgarner, fresh off an off-season that included winning a team-roping rodeo competition, had a strong first outing for Dbacks today. Will he call his approach to batters a “rope-a-dope” strategy?


Lawyers for actress Lori Loughlin say evidence shows she s innocent of trying to bribe her daughters’ way into USC as fake crew recruits because notes “support the couple’s claim that they believed their payments were legitimate donations, not bribes.
So if Loughlin and her husband thought they were donating to USC while they pretended their daughters rowed that’s okay then? Got it.

One of the boats on Disney World’s Jungle Cruise sank today. Wonder how long it will take Disney to rebrand the attraction as a thrill ride?   Or as a friend wonders, how long until they decide it’s their new Little Mermaid ride? #UnderTheSea

Rudy Giuliani thought he had hung up phone on a reporter and was overheard saying “I just keep getting disappointed. I got about five friends left.”
Thoughts and prayers.

Coca Cola is saying there could be a Diet Coke shortage as their supply chain of artificial sweeteners from China has been disrupted.
NOW will Trump take coronavirus seriously?!!

Hey folks, it’s all good, Trump spent afternoon meeting with Diamond and Silk. I am sure he’ll be inviting them to join his coronavirus task Force next?

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
George Orwell.
Waiting with this coronavirus for Trump to order Pence to say two plus two make five.

Stock market tanked further after Trump White House said all statements about coronavirus had to go through Mike Pence. When the US gets through this, and we will, ask yourself, are these the kind of people you want in charge of keeping Americans safe? Seriously.


I got three, count ’em THREE, mailers for Mike Bloomberg today. Does he really think more expensive fodder for the recycling bin is going to help his chances on Super Tuesday?

Not that the American democracy experiment has been a bad thing, but in a parliamentary system, as in Canada and the UK, about now might be a really good time to call for a vote of no confidence.

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