Still marching in…

Meanwhile…. a good news story. (Maybe not for the rest of the NFC South) – Drew Brees today – “My feelings about the 2020 season, I look forward to the grind and journey… For the reward at the end will be worth it… Let’s Make Another Run at it.”
Going to be a happy Mardi Gras week in New Orleans!


MLB commissioner Rob Manfred apologized for describing the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal” during an on-camera interview with ESPN.   Never thought I’d say this but sometimes I ALMOST miss Bud Selig. (Almost)

Wonder what Manfred calls World Series Rings?


Local news saying that only a “single digit” number of California mail-in ballots have been returned now – two weeks before the election? Uh, as fast as things change these days in politics, what’s the rush?

Here’s what gets me tonight about Mike Bloomberg.  (And yes, I will vote for him if he gets the nomination.)  He got an invite to a CNN town hall  . You KNOW all the candidates are exhausted and town halls are a tough format. But they showed up,  when you know Buttigieg, Sanders and Klobuchar might have preferred something more relaxing the night before the debate.  Mike declined. Afraid of getting away from a script?

Time to start the pool as to when Trump will pardon Bernie Madoff.

Trump pardons Eddie DeBartolo. Makes sense, not only was the former SF 49ers owner Eddie D. convicted of fraud, but he also settled a sexual assault case. Donald’s favorite kind of guy.

Maybe Attorney General Barr wants to resign because he knows Trump will pardon him. And he’s not sure about the next President, whoever she or he is.


Get the feeling if someone told him most of the people who worked in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building were Democrats, Donald Trump would posthumously pardon Timothy McVeigh.

Trump today claimed he knows the identity of “anonymous” “I know who it is,” adding he “can’t tell who it is.” but he “knows who it is.” Uh, does anyone think Trump could keep his mouth shut about ANYTHING?

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2 Comments on “Still marching in…”

  1. Richard Nelson Says:

    From what I’ve heard about Trump keeping score on the golf course, he probably thinks the Astros are okay and that this is the way sports should be played He definitely would grant them clemency.

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