Numbers not adding up?

So the big blockbuster, big $$$ three-way MLB trade which supposedly sends Mookie Betts & David Price to Dodgers; Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol to Red Sox; and Kenta Maeda to Twins is now somehow in limbo.
Did they make the deal in Iowa?

Best news of the week. From Craig Calcaterra on Twitter “Heard this: Hunter Pence is on his way to San Francisco for a physical. If he passes, he’s joining the Giants. He turned down offers from Padres and Astros.

Separate note to Hunter Pence: you may want to keep the phone conversations you have in the gate area at the airport a bit more quiet.”


One American citizen dies from coronavirus in China. Meanwhile about 25,000 Americans have died in US since October from the flu. Humans really suck at risk evaluation.


“Escaped cows rounded up on runway at the Ames, Iowa municipal airport. Ames police will tell us how many cows next week.”

Now Trump has recalled Gordon Sondland as EU Ambassador.
Wait until someone tells Donald he can’t fire Mitt Romney.

Today would be a good day for Presidential candidates to say that if elected they will restore Alexander Vindman to his White House job… and give HIM a medal.


Anyone but me watch Bernie yelling at everyone and worry  he’s going to have another heart attack?

Pete Buttigieg is talking about standing next to Trump on a debate stage. Although at this point thinking what are the odds Donald will find an excuse to avoid any debates. (Like bone spurs?)


Good line from Pete Buttigieg:  “This is not an episode of 24.” But wait, is Pete old enough to remember “24?”

Seen some “Amy Klobuchar hates Pete Buttigieg” statements. Do I think she hates him? No.

But she’s been in the Senate 13 years, gotten a lot done.. And do I think sometimes does Amy feel like every smart talented woman who really has learned her stuff, done great work, planned on a promotion, and then sees a young hot shot guy who comes in and looks like he might get that promotion instead.  Yes.

Just a thought, since everything with Trump is projection, remember he accused Obama of faking job numbers? #JobsReport

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