Want to pay a fee to get away?


Just thinking, when anything involving you or your company is trending with the word “gate” after it, you’ve done something either very wrong or very stupid. #Delta #RECLINEGATE

Joc Pederson is back with the Dodgers after he was reportedly traded to the Los Angeles Angels, but the deal fell through.  The baseball equivalent of “hey, you don’t mind if I cheat if I come back?”


Wanna get away, 2nd version? As my friend Dwight Perry points out.
“Red-faced Target officials apologized after four Twin Cities stores offered “Minnesota Badgers” onesies for sale.
No word on how the fresh shipment of “Green Bay Vikings” kiddie shirts is selling in Milwaukee.”

Derrick Jones Jr. edged Aaron Gordon in a controversial NBA All-Star dunk contest.  And if you’re seriously still upset about that you might need a life.


About the Westerdam being a Carnival cruise ship… Well, it’s not like the ship has its company on the side or anything. Oh wait, never mind. 




Meanwhile 44 Americans on Diamond Princess have now tested positive for coronavirus.

“Today’s 62nd running of the  Daytona 500 has been postponed due to inclement weather.”  #ETTD  (Everything Trump Touches Dies.)


If we’re going to quarantine people who’ve been exposed to something seriously toxic, when does the quarantine start for anyone who’s worked for Trump White House?

Reminder to anyone slamming any Democratic candidate over a record that includes compromises. Uh, with all due respect, the only way you regularly get things done in a non-dictatorship is to compromise.

Trump Presidents Day fundraising email. “Right now, you can take 25% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER at the only Official Trump Store…” Translation, if the RNC doesn’t buy it we can’t give this sh*t away.

And okay, political soap box time , yeah, I”ve become  an  Amy Klobuchar fan,  yeah, she shouldn’t have forgotten the name of President of Mexico. But who hasn’t forgotten a name?   And Amy won’t forget unjustly maligned immigrants, or for that matter, Americans who want their democracy back.

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