Especially for SF Giants fans, can we start referring to Donald Trump as “Kung Flu Panderer?

One reason I’ve always loved sports is that as far as a distraction from real life, it’s the only entertainment where no one really knows the ending, someone wrote the endings to books, movies, theater…. And there are more important things, but I sure miss sports.

(and no, Lego Masters doesn’t count. yet.)

On this date in history, March 18, a kid named Steve Nash led #15 Santa Clara to a March Madness upset of #2 Arizona. The year was 1993. Only yesterday, right?

Per Rachel Maddow Wednesday night –  “There are seven states not banning large gatherings and not closing schools. All red states. Coincidence? Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming.”

Whatever Trump says about not knowing how bad coronavirus pandemic could be….  As far as travel insurance companies are concerned, ”   COVID-19 became a known event on January 22, 2020 and was recognized as an epidemic as of February 3, 2020.ney

We’re supposed to eat balanced meals while sheltering-in-place…. Does a handful of nuts, vitamins and wine count?

Thinking at some point could reread a lot of my favorite books from when I was a teenager. Though maybe will skip “On the Beach.”

“Sleepy Joe Biden” is a childish insult. But I don’t care if Joe were Rip Van Winkle who’d been asleep for 20 years. He’d still be better than Trump.

Has it occurred to Senator Ron Johnson that 3.4% of the US not only is 11 million people, that number will also probably be skewed towards people who don’t believe in science, which won’t help GOP in November elections?

So has anyone suggested to Donald Trump he can do with the Presidency what Nixon did with Vietnam? Declare victory and leave.

Watching Trump press conference makes me think I never want to hear about “excitement” being a requirement for Democratic ticket again. We need competence, decency and empathy. And we need it now.



Pew Research survey from March 10-16 – “79% of people who said they turned to Fox News for their news believed the media had exaggerated the risks of the virus.” I know some of our parents told us watching too much TV was bad for us, but this is ridiculous.”

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