Beyond Boston?

As much as I can’t stand Tom Brady I suppose I will have to give him credit tomorrow for giving millions of people something other to talk about than coronavirus.

Tom Brady to Tampa Bay Bucs  means we WILL all get to see a couple of those Brady vs Brees matchups many of us Saints fans wanted for the Super Bowl.

Philip Rivers just signed a one-year $25 million contract with the Colts. Guess he needed it, with nine kids Rivers and his wife need two houses to comply with restrictions on gatherings over 10 people.

You know when this coronavirus pandemic is over, all our OCD friends who wash their hands 100 times a day are going to turn to us and say “See?!!?”


Bernie Sanders strength in today’s primaries came from voters 18-44. But in midst of Coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden beat him solidly in all of them. Which means a lot of older people risked their lives, literally, to vote for Joe. #Biden2020

Trump claimed repeatedly coronavirus was contained, that it was a “hoax,” etc..   Does Donald really think he lives in a Snapchat world where what he says disappears as soon as he says it?

Your reminder, however many Americans die during coronavirus pandemic, Trump will blame ALL their deaths on someone else, and take credit for some hypothetical number of people he’ll claim he alone saved.

Would be a very good night for Bernie Sanders to state that he has talked to Joe Biden, that Joe has promised to work with Bernie on issues dear to his heart, and that Sanders is dropping out to unify the party and focus on beating Donald Trump. Period. 

Read in two places that Amy Klobuchar  would be a great running mate for Joe Biden except that she wouldn’t bring “excitement” to the ticket. What about being excited by the concept of a President and VP who are competent, empathetic and decent?

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