Run for the thorns?

Kentucky Derby has been moved to September. They bleeping better not serve pumpkin spice juleps.


On a lighter note,  Saints fans, as much as we may be thankful for Jimmy Graham for some great years can we agree that Chicago Bears giving the former New Orleans start $16 million for 2 years with $9 million guaranteed is about as dumb as sharing a frozen daiquiri with a stranger on Bourbon Street about now? 

So who had 2020 SF Giants guaranteed to be no worse than a .500 team by mid May?

NCAA MIGHT use final polls to identify a national champion after canceling tournament. Kansas coach Bill Self said he’d gladly accept trophy, though he admits “there’d be a huge asterisk on our side.” Except not for long as NCAA would then take same trophy away for violations.

Trump is advising people not to gather in groups of more than 10 in a set of new guidelines to fight coronavirus. Uh, there were more than 10 people at that press conference.

Trump sent supporters autographed printouts of Friday’s 2000 point jump in the stock market. On a brighter note recipients now have one more option if they run out of toilet paper.

So Donald Trump went there, and called Coronavirus “the Chinese Virus.” Can we start calling his Presidency “the Trump Virus?


It’s bad enough Mitch McConnell adjourned Senate during coronavirus circus to fly with Brett Kavanaugh to Kentucky for the investiture of a judge the ABA rated “unqualified.” It’s that he figured GOP wouldn’t care & rest of us wouldn’t notice. We noticed.

Donald Trump RT’ed something from Mark Levin, saying last night’s “debate is hardly a debate at all. Biden has largely moved hard left where there are now relatively few differences between the two.”

Uh, there are relatively few things my Bernie & Biden friends agree on, except that statement being a crock

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