American pastimes.

On a lighter note, NCAA says they will not release brackets for 2020 March Madness. While I see their point, wouldn’t letting Americans argue about who was robbed be a welcome distraction about now?

There’s no crying in baseball. Is there crying over not having baseball?

For those practicing social isolation, missing sports, and looking for a reason to smile, can I recommend rewatching 2002’s “Bend It Like Beckham?”

Trump claims he tested negative for coronavirus. And if he disappears from sight it will just be for kidney surgery, right?

So who drew the short straw in the White House and told Trump he couldn’t golf this weekend?

Both Canada and Mexico are considering closing their borders to the US.  But guessing neither Trudeau nor Obrador would refer to the US as a “sh*t hole country.

Serious question, how many Americans may end up with coronavirus due to being stuck in close quarters at airports due to Trump’s new neither planned nor thought out Europe travel restrictions?


Once again, your reminder that Trump did not institute a China travel ban as he now claims. He just stopped foreigners who weren’t residents. US Citizens, family members and permanent residents weren’t even asked to self-quarantine.


So with Joe Biden committing to picking a woman VP, how long until Mike Pence says Mother will not allow him to debate?

Joe Biden is correctly pointing out (my paraphrase not his)  that you don’t worry about remodeling the house when the roof is on fire. #DemocraticDebate


Your reminder in the midst of all this insanity, President Joe Biden doesn’t need to be the smartest person in the room, he just needs to be smart enough, and humble enough, to fill the room with the smartest people.

With communications Delta and United are sending out to travel agents, pretty clear that many Americans are justifiably worried over coronavirus. And that a whole lot of them are contacting airlines over if if this will affect their targets for 2021 frequent flier status. No joke. #Priorities

Sigh. We went from a week where if celebrities trended we thought they were dead, to a week we now assume they have coronavirus.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti is ordering all gyms closed. As awful as the current situation is, have to think there’s at least a few folks going “Now THAT’S a good excuse to stay on my couch.”

One of worst things with coronavirus is we have no idea when life in US will return to normalcy. We do have a pretty good idea of when it will return to decency. January 20, 2021 #Biden2020

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