Former first world problems

Today would have been day two of #MarchMadness. Right about now really wish my biggest obsession was my broken brackets.

Wonder how p*ssed off Tom Brady was to have his actual signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers be eclipsed by the coronavirus.

But if the pandemic continues into the NFL season maybe league can figure out a way to have a Brees-Brady matchup in a Pro-bowl type Super Bowl?

Damn, another piece of the soundtrack of my youth gone too soon. Though Kenny Rogers, 81, had apparently been in hospice. So “he knew when to hold ’em, knew when to fold ’em…?” R.I.P.

Winston Churchill, when he became Prime Minister in wartime, said to British who were scared -“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat.”

Donald Trump, self-declared wartime president, asked what he would say to Americans who are scared ” “I say that you are a terrible reporter.”


Your reminder “what do you tell Americans who are scared?” wasn’t just a softball question, it was a “put a softball on a tee” question.

Why are we so surprised Trump has kept coronavirus testing numbers down? This is a man who has been avoiding his own physical so he doesn’t have to face real numbers.

A member of Mike Pence’s office has tested positive for coronavirus but apparently the VP did not have “close contact with the individual.” Does that mean the staffer is a woman? #ThanksMother

So since Trump said the virus was a hoax and continued having rallies, and his cult members believed him, how many MAGAts are sick but refuse to get tested? Asking for a country.

Trump says for the umpteenth time in press briefing “we’ve inherited an broken, old, terrible, obsolete system” and adds we haven’t been given the credit we deserve.” Because there is NO situation so awful where Donald cannot resist praising himself. 

“Every one of the governors was very impressed with what we’ve done.” How does  Donald Trump not need rotator cuff surgery for all the time he spends contorting to pat himself on the back?

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