Washington Governor Jay Inslees expected Wednesday to restrict gatherings of more than 250 people.  Is he inviting the Miami Marlins to move to Seattle?

Although, 250,  that’s a jumbo jet!

Missouri first of the night to go for Joe Biden. Waiting for Trump to blame it on illegal voters from Kansas.

Trump just announced a big campaign rally in Milwaukee. WTF? Donald just won the state by about 22,000 votes, he can’t afford to kill that many of them.

Rosario Dawson says she voted for Bernie Sanders while her boyfriend Cory Booker’s endorsed Joe Biden. Well, they’ll probably have an easier time of it than James Carville and Mary Matalin.

Bill DeBlasio was mansplaining to Elizabeth Warren why she needs to endorse Bernie  Sanders.  Reminding us why Bill was so popular in his own Presidential campaign.

Rudy Giuliani is tweeting about the “china virus.” Uh, it’s a virus. Period. The same as we don’t need to refer to Rudy as an “American a**hole.”


While Trumpsters attack Joe Biden for supposed cognitive decline, late last night Trump tweeted “Oklahoma, Vote for your GREAT Senator Today. Nobody better than Jim! Oklahoma primary was last week.


MGM resorts in Las Vegas is temporarily closing all their buffets. So now coronavirus is getting in the way of America’s REAL favorite pastime – overeating. Let’s see Trump dismiss this one.

As Trump continues to lie about number of Coronavirus cases, two things are certain. 1. We have no idea how many Americans will get sick and die. 2. Whatever number it is, Trump will say it would have been worse if not for him.


Trump claims Dems want to get rid of cars; remember this from 2015 about Obama’s auto bailout “You could have let it go, & rebuilt itself, through free enterprise system You could have let it go bankrupt, frankly, and rebuilt itself, and a lot of people felt it should happen.”



Amy Klobuchar introduced an anticompetitive exclusionary conduct bill with Senators Blumenthal and Booker today to strengthen our antitrust laws.

Oh please oh please can someone ask Donald Trump live and on camera what he think’s about Amy’s “anticompetitive exclusionary conduct bill.”


Considering how low Joe Biden was polling not long again, know that most of us Democrats had another first or even second choice at some point, and have had some heartbreak in last few months, whether it was O’Rourke, Booker, Harris, Yang, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, or of course Warren. Remember that everyone & be nice to Bernie Sanders supporters tonight. Seriously.

But volunteered for Jimmy Carter before I was 18, have volunteered some but voted EVERY election since. Voting once for dream candidate is easy. Staying committed to voting even for imperfect candidates is hard. That’s why there are so few great democracies. Let’s not blow this one.


Joe Biden looks like a President tonight.

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