What’s a classroom?

Columbia University is the latest to shut their campus and go to online courses. At this rate most students may end up spending so little time in the classroom they could be declared honorary SEC football players.


Santa Clara County, California, is banning large gatherings of over 1,000 people. So considering past attendance, are they trying to entice the Oakland A’s for the season?

How long until Trump announces that his failing Doral golf resort would be the perfect spot to quarantine thousands of Americans?

MLB and NBA are closing lockers now to media. Now, if this continues this fall with NFL, Marshawn Lynch might stay unretired.


Oh this is going well. Per NY Daily News, “I want to assure the public that the subway remains safe,” said MTA chairman Patrick Foye, adding “if you can get around without riding the subway, do it.”

At Biden’s rally tonight he was interrupted twice by groups of Bernie Sanders supporters attacking him on NAFTA and the Green New Deal. They were removed. Joe encouraged the crowd and security to take it easy on protesters, saying “this isn’t a Trump rally.”
I can’t wait to have a decent President again.

Elizabeth Warren was never my first choice.  But Anyone consider that her wealth tax would have cost billionaires a lot less than the Trump stock market crash?


Anyone but me think if Trump is  so sure everything is under control and coronavirus is just so much media hype that he should have his next big MAGA rally on a cruise ship?


Apparently White House overrode CDC recommendation for older Americans not to fly due to coronavirus risks. Did Trump do this because he REALLY wanted to fly to Florida to golf?
Trump refuses to take questions at his press conference, leaves VP Pence holding the bag. How long until Donald fires Mike and blames the mess on him?

Trump says he’s “talking about hourly wage earners getting help so that they can be in a position so they are not going to ever miss a paycheck.”
Uh, what about those who basically live on tips, or are independent contractors who only make commissions, or gig workers? Millions of us out here too!

There are enough coronavirus tests for everyone who wants one as there were enough lifeboats on the Titanic.

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