March Madness

Not enough that NCAA has to give up playing games in front of fans. But now they may have to give up the “March Madness” title forever to that Trump speech.

A few days ago, the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert mocked coronavirus and touched all the mics at his press conference as a joke. He now has the coronavirus and the NBA Season is suspended.  Mean bitch karma must have been putting gloves on before popping a cold one.

For over two decades, the NBA playoffs haven’t happened without the San Antonio Spurs. And it looked like this year that streak was going to be broken. As much of a Gregg Popovich and Spurs fan  as I am, this is not how I wanted that streak to continue.

At University of Dayton officials tell students they need to get out of university housing because of the danger of people being close together, and the kids gather together and riot? What’s the opposite of “Ok boomer?

Jeff Sessions was one of the first in GOP establishment to stick his neck out for Trump…. and Donald rewards him finally, not just by firing him as AG, but but endorsing his opponent in the GOP runoff. Does anyone else in WH think it won’t happen to them?

Trump’s restricting travel from Europe is like bolting the back door when the serial killer is already in your basement. 


Here’s little detail I will bet Donald didn’t think of…. Ireland is part of Europe, Northern Ireland is part of UK. At this point border crossing has no passport control. Do they expect Northern Ireland to build an instant wall?

So if Trump follows Italy in shutting down almost all US shops, will he make an exemption for Trump resort/hotel stores?

Trump’s new European Travel Ban applies to 26 countries, known as the Schengen Area. A notable exemption in Europe from Schengen? Russia. I’m SURE that’s just a coincidence..


Several European ambassadors say tonight they were “blindsided” by Trump’s travel ban.
“Blindsided” by a sudden Donald decision. In other words, they are all honorary thinking Americans.

Any GOP member of Congress who votes against paid sick leave for Americans with coronavirus should forfeit their own paycheck if House/Senate are quarantined. Period.

Joe Biden may not have the stamina he once had. But he has the same heart he’s always had. And he’ll pick a capable VP. And that’s more than good enough for me. #Biden2020

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