More madness

For first time in history I will have no losers in my March Madness bracket.

Now March Madness is cancelled. No, let me rephrase that, the NCAA basketball tournaments are cancelled. We’re LIVING in March Madness.



Remember, it was only about 40 years ago, within many of our lifetimes, that we didn’t have ESPN. And now for at least several weeks, we basically don’t again.

With all the stress in the world right now it’s a great time to come home and turn on some sports for distraction. Oh wait, never mind.

Even the College World Series has been cancelled.  So fans of top level amateur baseball will have to wait until play is resumed by the Miami Marlins.

Broadway is canceled indefinitely.  A bit of gallows humor, but have to feel for the people who FINALLY got tickets to Hamilton.

Interesting that Miami International Airport, and for that matter Orlando, are NOT approved airports on Trump’s list for receiving passengers from Europe. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence they are the biggest airports within driving distance of Mar-A-Lago.

Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie has coronavirus. Suppose if Melania got it that wouldn’t be any danger to Donald though, since contagion would require they spend actual time together.

While he says he doesn’t want to be tested for Coronavirus, Trump is STILL, as of tonight, sending emails about donating to his re-election campaign for a chance to meet him for dinner. Wonder if the dinner is scheduled before or after the end of the incubation period?

Serious question. If Donald Trump DID have Coronavirus, do you think he would tell us?

Is it wrong if when considering essential food supplies in case of USA being on lockdown you have hot sauce on the list? Asking for a friend.

Since there’s ALWAYS a silver lining, have to wonder how many couples with upcoming weddings now have the ability to say “Well, I hate to disinvite – fill in the blank with your least favorite relative – but legally we HAVE to be under 250 people?”

How long until Trump decides Dr. Anthony Fauci is part of the “deep state?”

Mormon Church has suspended all public gatherings, including worship services, indefinitely. So does this mean men can now live with only one of their wives?

Trump refused to meet with Nancy Pelosi over coronavirus relief, so per Politico he’s deputized Mnuchin to handle talks with the speaker. Considering that Donald has almost certainly been exposed at Mar-A-Lago and won’t be tested, thinking this is not a bad thing.

But on an positive note, today might have been the day Joe Biden became President.

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One Comment on “More madness”

  1. Dan Denison Says:

    Its too bad about your sports viewing activities. Good thing your day job is totally unaffected by covid19! (Best wishes for hard times; you are an important part of our lives.)

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