Rage, rage…

In France, after the marathon he had been training for was canceled, a furloughed restaurant worker ran the marathon anyway, back and forth on his 23 foot long balcony.  Think we can all agree this is awesome. Well, except maybe his downstairs neighbors.

Feeling a little gutted by the news that University of Baltimore and Georgetown law professor John Bessler, the husband of Senator Amy Klobuchar, has coronavirus.  And he had symptoms for days, but didn’t get tested until he was coughing up blood.. even so it took five days.  So for all those who think privilege will insulate them…


And Open note to a**hole college students who figure their age makes them safer, Amy Klobuchar’s husband John Bessler is a law school professor… wonder if he got it from one of this students?

One of the nicest tweets today though came from another spouse… “@Chas10Buttigieg “John was one of the sweetest spouses I met on the trail. I can’t imagine the pain of not being able to be by your partner’s side during this. Peter and I are thinking of him, Senator Klobuchar, and Abigail today.” twitter.com/amyklobuchar/s

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issuing executive order mandating 14 day self-isolation for travelers from NY or New Jersey.  Travelers arriving by air that is.  Good thing Florida is an island.  Oh wait, never mind.   Yes, same DeSantis who let spring breakers party on Florida beaches & bring coronavirus back to their states. I miss the days when “whythereisnosatire’ was funny


There is absolutely NOTHING in these White House Press Conferences that couldn’t be put out in a press release. But that would deny Trump his daily dose of public adulation. Which Donald acts like needs more than a serious coronavirus patient needs oxygen.

Trump has sudden concern for American citizens of Asian heritage. Possible translation, Mitch McConnell’s said someone was mean to his wife Elaine Chao? Or some of Donald’s Asian-American donors have complained?

Mike Pence seems so in love with his little “15 days to slow the spread” placard that I hope Mother isn’t watching.


Reports that Trump “jokingly” walked away after Dr. Birx said at his vanity press conference that she had a fever this weekend. Guessing tomorrow we’ll be asking “Where is Dr. Birx?”

As Trump talks about getting rid of #StayAtHome restrictions to help the economy even if it kills millions your reminder that GOP once accused DEMOCRATS of being the ones who would have Death Panels.


Donald Trump  at his press conference today says he thinks Nebraska and Idaho are countries.   If so then they need to immediately forfeit their electoral college votes.

“I must give the British people one simple instruction – you must stay at home. There can be no doubt that each and everyone of us is enlisted. And the people of this country will rise to this challenge and we will come through it together. Stay at home, protect our NHS, and save lives.” Wow. Who’d a thunk I’d ever wish the USA had a leader like Boris Johnson?

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2 Comments on “Rage, rage…”

  1. john ball Says:

    How absurd the Presidential press conferences seem. All these important government leaders crushed together in what appears to be defiant disregard of the policy of social distancing. I guess they never, in the course of their military training, heard the command: “Spread out, goddamn it! One grenade would kill all of ya!” We might, however, cut some slack for our Wartime President, who was never given the chance to serve, having been sorely disabled with bone spurs.

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