Turning back the clock.

Robert Kraft, on behalf of the Patriots wrote an open letter in a Tampa newspaper asking Buccaneers fans to “take care of” Tom Brady.

Wonder what “take care of means?”   Does it include “make sure he doesn’t go to any local massage parlors?”  (Guessing Giselle will make sure of that.)

Watched Tim Lincecum’s 2nd  no-hitter tonight. How bad were the Padres against Timmy?  They could have banged every pitch on a trash can and still probably not have hit him.

Marc Ragovin “Many sports networks are airing their teams archived “classic” games with everything on hold. And of course only the Mets could screw things up. I was just watching SNY, and Buckner fielded the ball cleanly.”

Wow. Today was Mother’s Day in England. Instead of parties, lunch or tea, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told British people to call Mom on a video chat. Because visiting your mother could kill her.

Harvey Weinstein has coronavirus.  Again, my better angels are sheltering in place.


Trump is 90 minutes late for his press conference but it took him ONE minute to refer to the “Chinese Virus.” 

So since we have no other sporting events to bet on should Vegas start offering odds on what day the IOC will officially postpone the 2020 Olympics?


Pretty clear these Trump press conferences aren’t designed to make Americans feel better. They are designed to make Donald feel better.


Trump during his press conference/rally today “people are dying to go out to restaurants, people are dying to go on airplanes.” He had me at “people are dying.”


But Trump’s Press Conference today didn’t start until almost 6p Eastern time. Can he use the same timing Monday? At least Donald won’t tank the market in real time.

Mike Pence at Trump press briefing – “If you don’t have symptoms you don’t need the test.” WTAF???!!!!  Rand Paul does not have symptoms. Are they trying to kill us all?

When the Senate does figure out a way to allow a rule change to vote remotely, it would only be right that they approve #VoteByMail as a possibility for all Americans in November.


Some GOP Senators claiming Democrats trying to keep Coronavirus bill from being corporate bailout is costing us precious time. Wonder where they were last weekend when Mitch McConnell jetted off w/ BFF Brett Kavanaugh for investiture of their ABA “unqualified” rated judge.

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One Comment on “Turning back the clock.”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Don Chaney celebrated his birthday this past Sunday. As did seven other guys who also coached the Knicks over the past ten years

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