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Nightmare Belieber and a Homecoming Queen.

January 24, 2014

Justin Bieber was arrested this morning. So congratulations to all those who had January 23 in the pool. 

You think you had a busy day? How about all the comedians who had to dig up all their regular Lindsay Lohan jokes and had to cross her name out to insert Justin Bieber.

American Idol finally started making their early shows more about decent singers than train wrecks. Smart move. If Americans really wanted to watch a nonstop stream of overconfident self-promoting morons with no talent they could just stick with “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “if medical experts ever say medical marijuana would help with concussions then [he] would consider allowing it.” That stampeding sound you hear is NFL players racing to report concussion symptoms.

Today Virgin America apologized to QB Geno Smith after an incident at Los Angeles airport last week that resulted in being him kicked off a plane. Either the airline decided that the flight attendant over reacted, or they decided that playing for the NY Jets was punishment enough.

CNN Breaking News? “Bond hearing set for 1p for Justin Bieber?” Okay, in the “be careful what you wish for department’ maybe people should have been specific when they said “Please God can we get Richard Sherman off the front page?”

Richard Sherman appears to be on a one man crusade to see that 2nd year QB Russell Wilson will have ZERO reporters interviewing him, and asking constantly about how he feels about going up against Peyton Manning.

Eli Manning is apparently giving tips to his brother Peyton on how to play in MetLife Stadium. And that local knowledge worked out so well for the Giants this year….

A Seahawks fan in Washington chose 4pm, Feb. 2 for her wedding,, figuring that 2-2 would be an easy anniversary for her husband to remember. The wedding will go on, albeit with TVs at the reception, and no doubt guests checking their phones during the ceremony. Well, at least this is the kind of thing brides no longer have to worry about in Dallas.

On Super Bowl Sunday the NFL will not allow taxis and limousines to drop people off at or near Met Life Stadium. So for those without one of the few thousand parking places the only options are NJ Transit Trains, or Express Buses from one of several locations in the Manhattan area. Except that the bus tickets can only be purchased AT LEAST a day in advance, not on game day. What could possibly go wrong here?

TC, on the impending divorce of the Captain and Tennille.  “So much for “Love Will Keep Us Together”. Guess Toni figured it was finally time to “Shop Around”.


Legends in their own minds.

April 14, 2013

On tour in Europe, Justin Bieber took time to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and wrote in the guestbook: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber,” Well, that should do wonders for Justin’s self-obsessed reputation.



One silver lining for some adults in Justin Bieber’s guestbook comment saying he hoped Anne Frank ‘Would Have Been a Belieber.”   At least they now have a reason other than Justin’s music to dislike him.

Two Chicago Cubs pitchers tied a record with 5 wild pitches in a inning today against the SF Giants Mitch Williams wants his nickname retroactively changed to “Not-so-wild-thing”

So we’re finally almost to the NBA playoffs. But it’s a little hard to get excited at the beginning of a postseason that will last longer than a Kardashian marriage.

So Mark Sanford has won his Congressional primary, Anthony Weiner is reportedly thinking of running for mayor of New York? What’s next, a comeback for John Edwards?

Sen. Marco Rubio now said today that immigration reform will actually be tougher on “illegal aliens” than the current law. Yep, Rubio’s had so many positions on this issue he MUST be running for President.


George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna gave birth yesterday to his first grandchild, a daughter. So what will it be, about 40 years before the little girl runs for President?

Apparently Rutgers is close to hiring Los Angeles Lakers’ assistant Eddie Jordan as their new men’s basketball coach. Makes a certain amount of sense, the Lakers might be the only team at this point where moving to Rutgers would mean less of a circus.

Carlos Quentin dropped his appeal Sunday dropped his appeal and will begin serving his 8-game suspension Monday in Los Angeles and will miss the Padres-Dodgers series.  See, these Stanford boys CAN be smart.

With as hot as the Braves are and as lousy as the Marlins are, wonder if Miami will be eliminated before the All-Star break?


At 935am April 15 in Sydney, Adam Scott became the first Australian winner of the Masters.   Just what Aussies need, a reason to drink on a Monday morning.

And so Tiger finished four shots back,  but no way of knowing, had he not had the 2-shot penalty, might Woods have played a little differently and had a chance to end up at least in the playoff?

Who knew a simple phone call could have been almost as damaging as Elin wielding a 9-iron.


From T.C.   “If Tiger had won, or came within 2 shots, this tournament will be marked with a Masterisk.”

And Gary M. wondered if   “All this hoopla about Tiger’s ball drop,  may escalade into something really big.”

Threats and no threats

March 6, 2013

TSA announced that passengers will be able to carry sporting equipment including golf clubs and souvenir baseball bats onto planes next month. Members of the the 2013 NY Yankees will even be able to carry full-sized bats, because TSA doesn’t think they will hit anything.

As of midnight, Generalissimo Francisco Franco and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are still dead. 

Just read that Americans waste 1/3 of the food they buy. But bet none of that waste includes chocolate.

Okay, President Obama can’t lock all of Congress away until they come up with a deal. But it’s a shame he couldn’t have called an emergency session tonight in advance of the big storm about to hit D.C.   And then immediately furloughed  all the snowplowers….

Jeb Bush said Monday, and in his new book, that he opposes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Tuesday Jeb said he would endorse such a pathway if it did not incentivize illegal immigration. Adding “We wrote this book last year, not this year.” Even Mitt Romney said “That was fast.”

After Serge Ibaka hit Blake Griffin in the groin during a game Sunday, the NBA decided to fine the Oklahoma City star $25,000 but not suspend him. And I’m sure this decision would have been the same had the Thunder been playing, say, the Sacramento Kings tonight instead of the Lakers on national television.

George Shultz will be speaking in Washington this Friday urging action on climate change, including a carbon tax. Waiting for the first GOP member of Congress to accuse Shultz of being a “commie pinko Californian.”

Justin Bieber is taking a lot of heat in England for a show in London where he didn’t appear on stage until almost 1030p. Does Bieber not realize that if you’re old enough to stay up that late, you’re too old to be one of his fans?


Denied the use of a $1 internet coupon, a woman at a Walmart allegedly pulled out a handgun and threatened employees. Then she fought with arresting officers. She is now in jail. The state? Of course. Flori-duh.

(If Walmart employees decide to arm themselves do they get an employee discount on their personal guns?  Just wondering?)

Jon Stewart says starting in June he will take an eight week break from “The Daily Show” to produce and direct a feature film. Yikes. What will we do without the Walter Cronkite of our generation?

The Chicago Blackhawks won their 10th consecutive game tonight. Said Chicago Cubs fans – “You can do that?”

Regarding this pissing match about hypothetical drones between Eric Holder and Rand Paul, here’s a hypothetical question:. If an American citizen stole an 757 jet, and announced in midair he was flying it to recreate 9-11 with another U.S. skyscraper, does the President have the authority to order the military to use a drone to shoot him down?


Heat enough for you?

July 7, 2012

Ray Allen is going to Miami. Another example of “If you cannot B’Heat ‘Em, Join ‘Em”

If this keeps up even the Los Angeles Lakers will see warm and cuddly by comparison.

Apparently the U.S. Government’s anti-mermaid statement – “No evidence of aquatic human aquatic humanoids has ever been found” was prompted by an Animal Planet show on mermaids. What’s next, an anti-talking teddy bear statement prompted by the movie “Ted?”

Justin Bieber was cited for speeding on a Los Angeles area freeway Friday. Shocking! Bieber is old enough to drive?

That darn liberal math thing strikes again: Five-term congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) is resigning from Congress after his office failed to submit enough valid signatures to qualify for the Republican primary ballot. (He submitted 2,000, needed 1,000, but apparently only 200-300 were valid.)

Apparently one surprising name on Mitt Romney’s V.P. list is Meg Whitman. Because nothing says you’ll fight wasteful government spending like teaming with a woman who spent $160 million to lose her race for Governor in California?

Brad Pitt’s mother wrote a letter to her local newspaper, urging people to vote for Mitt Romney because President Obama is a “liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.” Well, maybe this is why Angelina never wanted to get married –that future mother-in-law.

Mitt Romney said the recent anemic job figures were “a kick in the gut.” And to his GOP friends in Congress he added “Keep kicking.”

Mark Rickis added “I just saw a picture of a banner that states “New Hampshire Stands With Mitt Romney”. Does that mean that somebody knows where Mitt stands?”

(The banner makes sense in a way though, because most of those banners, and thus  statements are “blowin’ in the wind.”


George Zimmerman has posted $1 million bail and has been released from jail. If he’s out walking around though, isn’t it reasonable that people might find him threatening?

Snookie apparently reacted to seeing her fetus on an ultrasound: “Eww… I’m gonna throw up! Said her unborn son  “Back at ya, mom.”

TSA is now doing random screens at the gate of beverages purchased AFTER passengers go through security. Wonder what the point is? The pilots prefer not to mix their cocktails until after they board.

Avis now allows their  renters to rent portable Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.K. Just what we need, Americans trying to drive on the wrong side of the road while playing with their smartphones….


May 28, 2012

Isn’t the phrase “Happy Memorial Day” an  oxymoron?

Or at least a  non sequitur?


The Miami Marlins’ Juan Carlos Oviedo, caught playing under the fake name of Leo Nunez, has been suspended by MLB for 8 weeks for age and identity fraud.   The pitcher will be eligible to return July 23. Guess he’ll be known around the clubhouse as the “player to be named later.”


Mitt Romney is promising to maintain a U.S. military with “no comparable power anywhere in the world.” Uh, considering we already outspend the rest of the top 15 countries combined, that shouldn’t be hard.


The Cubs,  losers until Monday of 12 in a row,   are ranked 30th on ESPN’s Major League Baseball power rankings. The only way this is likely to change? If they get usurped by the future winner of the College World Series.

Facebook is apparently working on developing a phone. Great, all we need, random calls from “people you might know.”

Bill Clinton made headlines this week for posing for a picture in Monaco with three porn stars. But to be fair, Bill probably didn’t recognize them with their clothes on.


On the other hand,  the San Antonio Spurs won again today, continuing their remarkable 19 game winning streak. Although the team is impressive, they just don’t seem to capture the public’s imagination. Why, no one can remember the last time a Spur got arrested or fathered a child out of wedlock.

Detroit Lions DT Nick Fairley has been arrested in Alabama for the second time in 2 months, this time for DUI and attempting to elude police. Is Fairley trying to get traded to the Bengals?  –

Sen. Chuck Schumer is urging U.S airlines to waive their fees for preferred seats (i.e. most aisles and windows) to allow families with young children to sit together. Bet a number of mothers are thinking “NO!” At least now I have an excuse to abandon the kids in a safe place for a few hours.”

Three women in this year’s Indy 500 and not much hype or commotion. Of course, none of them do provocative television commercials.


Really? According to the U.K. Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning by L.A. County Sheriff’s investigators after a photographer claimed he was roughed up at a local mall. So just how money-publicity hungry do you have to be to admit to being “roughed up” by Justin Bieber.

Game of the Century?

November 5, 2011

Well, after watching LSU-Alabama hype all week I think I have figured it out – the matchup is definitely this year’s “Game of the Century.”

Tickets to the LSU-Alabama game are going for a higher price online than tickets to game 7 of the World Series. Makes sense. It’s the SEC. Some players are probably higher paid than the World Series players too.

Brian Cashman says the Yankees won’t go after Pujols because “It’s not an efficient way to try to allocate your resources.” Uh, considering that the Yankees have over a $200 million payroll and couldn’t get past the first round of the playoffs, should Cashman be considered an expert in allocating resources?

Boise State is ready to join the Big East, but they want the conference to add a Western Division. Well, heck, why not go all the way and add Hawaii?

Okay, who will turn out to be stupider in this Justin Bieber paternity suit? The alleged mom, who may not have thought about statutory rape laws. Or Bieber, who says he never met her, and may not have thought about DNA testing.

Another thought about Matty Alou. In Giants heaven maybe McCovey DOES hit that ball a foot higher?

So Lindsay Lohan had to reshoot her Playboy cover? Not surprised, figure these days anything Lindsay does is over-exposed.

With some saying the sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain are just political attempts to take down a front-runner, this does bring up the question – why wouldn’t “they” have gone after Mitt Romney first?

Maybe because few people in America can even imagine Mitt flirting with his own wife?

All the comparisons of Herman Cain to Clarence Thomas are focusing on the sexual harassment claims. But another apt comparison might be in terms of their basic intelligence and competence.

Question for all these fans of the “personhood” amendment, which says life begins at the moment of fertilization. Does that mean a company becomes a person at the moment of incorporation?

Greg Frazier picked this up, that Stanford’s football team has a 13-0-1 streak against the spread. Meaning according to, if you’d bet $100 at the beginning of the streak and just let it ride, you’d have $447,351.

But as Dwight Perry said, “The bad news, if you had $447,351 riding on Saturday’s triple-OT win over USC, you’d be dead of a heart attack by now.” (Stanford won by 8 with the fumble, the spread was 7 1/2.)

Random silliness..

July 19, 2010

Okay, baseball fans, replays show that the SF Giants SHOULD have won Sunday’s game against the New York Mets, as with a 3-3 score, Travis Ishikawa slid in safely at home and was called ou in the bottom of the ninth.

The Giants lost to the Mets 4-3 in the ninth. On the other hand, going 1 for 15 with men in scoring position doesn’t exactly give the Giants a lot of moral high ground.

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is now the most viewed “YouTube” video of all-time. Many parents of his fans are asking “So who is Justin Bieber?” Others are asking “What is YouTube?”

How weak are some of Canadian teenage heart-throb’s Justin Bieber’s vocals? Some early fans are actually replacing him on their iPods with Celene Dion.

Stupidest injury award of the week? A.J. Burnett, for hurting his hands by hitting clubhouse doors? Or Serena Williams, for cutting the bottom of her foot on broken glass at a restaurant? (Whatever happened to “no shoes, no shirt, no service?”)

Now that the TLC show “Jon and Kate plus 8,” is poised to become “Kate Plus 8,” there’s still a hangup over child labor laws. Because while the six year old sextuplets have Pennsylania work permit, national law says they should be seven to be on camera.

On the other hand, the government may figure, how can being on camera be any more detrimental to the children than being having Jon and Kate for parents?

The Tea Party movement isn’t necessarily racist. But these days you’re about as likely to see an African-American at a Tea Party rally as someone wearing a LeBron James jersey in Cleveland.

Actual tweet today from Sarah Palin -“Ground Zero Mosque supporters: doesn’t it stab you in the heart, as it does ours throughout the heartland? Peaceful Muslims, pls refudiate.” Wonder how long it might take to see a follow up tweet – “All English-speaking Republicans, pls “refudiate’ Sarah Palin?”

Americans like to think we are one of the most progressive countries on Earth. But Argentina just legalized gay marriage, and Australia has a new prime minister who is a 48 year-old childless-by-choice atheist. And while Julia Gillard is straight she is not married to the man she has lived with for years. It could happen here? Right.

Of course, who would have given odds several years ago that the Clintons would be together to celebrate Chelsea’s wedding, and John Edwards and Al Gore would be heading for divorce.

Despite some rumors to the contrary, BP has announced they have finally successfully capped the oil spill. And FEMA responded “what spill?”

Regarding those rumors that there is some seepage from BP’s oil well cap. Somewhere Richard Nixon is muttering to himself “You idiots can’t stop ONE stupid leak?”

This just in, Paul the Octupus says “Who the heck is Louis Oosthuizen?”

Although the best thing about Louis Oosthuizen’s British Open win? It’s a South African sports story without any vuvuzelas.