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And the last shall be first?

April 29, 2023

Apparently on April 30, for anyone who is reading this on Twitter, Muskrat has stopped WordPress being able to post simultaneously. Has to be manual

Not that I expect this to be earth shattering.. But for anyone who reads my blog on Twitter, will do my best to remember.

And will get one more co-post in…

Two teams combined for 11 home runs.. and that’s just game 1.

Baseball played in Mexico City Is enough to make SF Giants and San Diego pitchers long for a pitching friendly park like Coors Field.

Moved as a child to Toronto in 1968, a year after the Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup. Now there are kids old enough to vote who for the first time who have seen the Leafs just win a PLAYOFF series.

All you need to know about NFL draft grades on day one – “A Newsday poll of 20 NFL general managers in 1998 had 14 of 20 saying Colts should have drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning:”

Looking at Sunday morning talk show list and wondering, on a bipartisan basis, is it all members of Congress not funny enough to be at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Ron DeSantis called Disney’s lawsuit against him “political.” Some statements don’t even need a punchline.

Although while Florida deals with algae blooms, insurance issues, flooding, Ron has been gallivanting around the world.. And Ron DeSantis might have already made himself less popular in the United Kingdom than Liz Truss. Time for a new lettuce challenge?

Tiffany Justice – a “Moms for Liberty” (oxymoron) co-founder, when asked about books she wants to remain in schools “Let’s just put the bar really, really low. Books that don’t have incest, pedophilia, rape.” So she’s for banning the Bible. Okay then.

Even SNL writers are going “We can’t top this.”

Marjorie Three Names “People are not affecting climate change. You’re not going to tell me that back in the ice age, how much taxes did people pay, and how many changes did governments make to melt the ice?

Justice Samuel Alito said that he has a “pretty good idea” who was responsible for leaking Dobbs opinion last year.” Remember, with today’s GOP, every accusation is a confession.

Fond first grade memory, going with my father Saturday night late to the newstand to pick up first edition of Sunday New York Times.

There wasn’t a paper I grew up respecting more. And now this BS headline “Rape Case Places Trump in Legal Jeopardy. Politically, He’s Thriving.”


Forward thinking?

April 27, 2023

All you need to know about NFL draft grades on day one –

“A Newsday poll of 20 NFL general managers in 1998 had 14 of 20 saying Colts should have drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning: “

The Atlanta Braves have been celebrating their home runs with an oversized baseball cap in 2023 but MLB says they can’t do it any more after complaints from New Era, who did not manufacture the big hat being used by players in the dugout.

Meanwhile, the chop, which doesn’t offend any MLB partners but does offend millions of other Americans, for it’s racism and sheer obnoxiousness,, that’s just fine.

Fox News trying to get people outraged with dishonest headline about “Trans female runner who beat 14,000 women at London Marathon” & her offer to give back a medal. Uh, over 48,000 people ran the London Marathon, almost half women.

And she was talking about a FINISHERS medal.

A truthful headline about the trans woman who ran the London marathon is that she finished the middle of the pack for women. But if you read right wing media it’s all about the number of women she beat. For too many in GOP and conservative media, it’s all about the hate.

I’m so old I remember when the most outrageous show on TV was Jerry Springer and not C-Span covering GOP-led House.

As GOP in Montana insists they are banning transgender rep Zooey Zephyr over “decorum”, your reminder that when Republican Governor Greg Gianforte was running for Congress, he BODY SLAMMED and punched a reporter. No joke.

ICYMI Several GOP “corn belt” members voted for House budget bill only after McCarthy amended bill to protect ethanol tax credits.

Again, GOP proves they don’t give a d*mn on adding to deficit with tax cuts. GOP just doesn’t want to spend money to benefit poor & middle class Americans.

Amy Klobuchar on women & girls who suffer under GOP laws after rapes or dangerous pregnancies: “Women who come forward with these stories are incredibly courageous,” “They are real people, real children.”

Wonder how many women & girls don’t come forward because they end up dead.

A six week abortion ban was blocked in Nebraska in part because of Sen. Merv Riepe. Riepe, 80, (Biden’s age) is longtime Republican who’d have been decisive vote to advance bill, abstained over his concern 6-week ban might not give women enough time to know they’re pregnant.

Age & experience might be underrated.

Montana GOP barred transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr from House floor for rest of 2023 session because they didn’t like her speech last week. If not liking to listen to someone is grounds to ban them from floor thinking US Senate could get bipartisan agreement to ban Ted Cruz.

Mitch McConnell defended the integrity of Clarence Thomas. Mitch just returned to the Senate after a really bad fall and concussion. Has anyone given him a cognitive test?

Until it’s over…

April 25, 2023

And who had today’s Giants-Cardinals game coming down to 1-2 count on rookie Blake Sabol, two out, in the bottom 9th with SF Giants down 4-3? Now all you liars put your hands down.

Of course, the reason the SF Giants were down in the 9th was their pitchers forgot a Cardinal rule – Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that the SF Giants should never pitch to Paul Goldschmidt with the game on the line.

Tommy Tuberville has now slowed down the usually automatic confirmation for 184 Pentagon nominees…with some trumped up excuse about trying to stop military allowing women deployed in red states to travel for abortions and other reproductive care.

Your reminder that politics aside Auburn University was so fed up in the end with coach now Senator Tommy Tuberville they paid him over $5 MILLION to go away and stop coaching. And the University of Cincinnati ended up paying him $1.5 million to leave. No joke.

Thinking Schumer should call Tuberville’s bluff and cancel nights and weekends while Senate goes through the time consuming process of confirming nominees in spite of Tommy’s holds. Will see how how long his GOP colleagues put up with it.

Russia TV apparently offering Tucker Carlson a job. Well, now that Tucker has free time, I guess he can work for Russia full time instead of as a side hustle.

If GOP is really going to push for life beginning at conception and banning abortion accordingly, why not go all the way and regulate, uh, “emissions?” Time for a rousing chorus of Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred.”

As Midwestern states now face major flooding, we know two things. 1. President Biden will help residents of all states, whether or not they voted for him. 2. Republicans will ask for help, but without giving Joe any credit for giving it, and without acknowledging climate change.

President Biden talking about GOP economic plan – “Trickle down dressed up in MAGA clothing…. only worse. Because if they don’t get their way they’re going to let the country default on its debt.” I love this Dark Brandon guy

Last weekend Amy Klobuchar & Dick Durbin both said clearly President Biden should negotiate on budget with McCarthy, but only SEPARATELY from debt ceiling issue & that Congress must pass clean debt ceiling bill without holding economy hostage. Media.

Let’s focus on Joe Manchin.

Your regular reminder, Mitch McConnell is older than Joe Biden and has been hospitalized twice in past few years. Most recently after a bad fall. Media isn’t calling for HIM not to lead GOP in the Senate.

And ICYMI Joe is only about a year older than Mick Jagger and some months younger than Paul McCartney.

Not so old men..

April 24, 2023

Just saying: – in basketball years LeBron James is roughly the same age in political years as Joe Biden.

The Tampa Bay Rays are currently the best team in MLB.

They are also in many ways, woke.

Tampa Bay has Pride Night June 10. And in June 2022, the Rays donated $50,000 after Uvalde and Buffalo massacres to “Every Town For Gun Safety Support Fund.”

Ron DeSantis retalitated by blocking $35 million that had been approved for a Rays spring training facility saying “It’s inappropriate to subsidize political activism of a private corporation.”

One of these two is on the right side of history. My money’s on the Rays.

Aaron Rodgers has finally gotten the trade he wanted to the NY Jets. Forget “who’ll catch Aaron’s first NY touchdown pass?”

Thinking a more fun pool will be “Which ‘friendly’ New York City media type will be the first to provoke a Rodgers meltdown?

Tucker Carlson reportedly dissed Fox ownership and management in texts, never a good idea. But if Carlson at this point was a net financial positive for the network, Rupert Murdoch would have shrugged it off. Follow the money.

Today’s GOP in a nutshell: Americans should be outraged & scared about slim chances a trans girl or woman might compete against their kids in high school or college sports. But Americans should be just fine with idea their kids could be shot on a high school or college campus.

Glenn Youngkin when asked about boycotts responds with BS line people just don’t want to deal with ESG & politics when they buy a product or go to theme park.

Uh, Disney just supported gay customers & employers.

Bud Light had one promotion with trans women.

GOP made it political.

Oh, spare me, CNN. When Joe Biden was 29, and he ran against Cale Boggs, 63, he said things about Boggs like ‘he’s lost that old twinkle in his eye.”

As someone younger than Biden but well past 29, who amongst us didn’t in our 20s joke about people over 60, or even over 40?

So Tucker Carlson, then Don Lemon… if things come in threes can Chuck Todd or Andrea Mitchell be next?

Senate leaders now could do 24 hour marathon reading of President Biden’s accomplishments on Senate floor & media would assign reporters to go through it to find something they could spin badly or most tepid quote.

Media hates Democrats in array.

Competence isn’t clickbait.

Small mercies

April 23, 2023

Think tonight was the SF Giants first one-run win of the year. And definitely their first 2 game win streak of 2023. So a good day for Giants fans.

Diminished expectations have their advantages.

How bad are the Oakland As? Through 22 games their run differential is minus 103! (The next closest teams are the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies, – minus 50 and 53 respectively.)

MLB owners apparently willing to say Oakland A’s can relocate to Las Vegas, with a ballpark on the site of the now closed Wild Wild West Casino. As Pete Rose would say, what were the odds?

Meanwhile Golden State Warriors survived, barely, Steph Curry’s decision to call a time out when Warriors had none left.

As millions of younger Americans googled “Who is Chris Webber?”

So will Bed Bath and Beyond at least be able to get a 20% discount from their bankruptcy lawyers?

Here we go again NY TImes headline “What Older Voters Say About Biden 2024: From ‘He’s Fine’ to ‘Oh, God.” (Joe is younger than Mitch McConnell & only 3 1/2 years older than the Former Guy.) Almost want to resubscribe to NY Times so I can cancel again.

Fox News attacking VP Harris for mistakenly referring to the “Federal Drug Administration” approving the abortion pill mifepristone 20 years ago. Okay, would Fox like to randomly ask GOP members of Congress what THEY think FDA stands for?

Atherton CA AVERAGE home price is $7,554,461. Not a typo. And councilwoman Elizabeth Lewis, arguing against California mandate for 348 more apartments “We need to express & explain the specialness of Atherton in reducing their expectations of us.” With her outside voice.

Washington Post headline “Biden is running out of time to avoid calamitous debt ceiling outcomes.” Uh, how about a more factual headline? “GOP running out of time to prove they don’t want an unnecessary and unprecedented calamitous crash for US economy.”

Do better media

And Washington Post knows better. If debt ceiling was routinely negotiated then what Kevin McCarthy is saying might make sense. But Congress does not negotiate the debt ceiling.

It’s not about future spending, it’s about paying bills for what US has already spent. McCarthy knows that. He just hopes we don’t.

(What’s the Washington Post’s excuse?)

Lindsey Graham claimed today that while he admires Dianne Feinstein and hope she returns, he’d support allowing a replacement IFshe retires to take her place on Senate Judiciary.

Haven’t we already learned never to trust Senate Republicans?

Dana Bash this morning referred to NY Times talking about President Biden’s age, adding “the NY Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism.” Oh please. The NY Times these days would both sides a mobius strip.

While Graham lies about Democrats, Senator Amy Klobuchar reiterates FACTS of bill Democrats want to pass. Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023 codifies Roe Vs. Wade. No government restrictions on abortion until fetal viability. Which is what most Americans want. Facts matter.

Senator Klobuchar also on the Comstock Act that GOP wants to use to stop mifepristone being sent by mail. Amy points out the act literally passed in 1873, at a time when you were treated for pneumonia by blood letting.

Left out.

April 21, 2023

Kruk and Kuip tonight on broadcast of Giants-Mets talking about how every team in MLB is putting every left-hander they have against the SF Giants these days, who in 2023 cannot hit lefties.

SF lost tonight 7-0.

Sigh. Waiting for Jamie Moyer to become the first MLB player to come out retirement to pitch at the age of 60.

Meanwhile, at least long-time SF Giants fans can enjoy the facts that Bruce Bochy’s Texas Rangers are in first place, and Brandon Belt drove in four runs today to lead Toronto Blue Jays to a 6-1 win over the NY Yankees. #ForeverGiant

Kawhi Leonard has been ruled out for Game 4 between the Phoenix Suns and LA Clipper because of a right knee sprain. I suppose as a San Antonio Spurs fan it would be bad to chuckle a little bit at this news?

Grills, a Florida restaurant chain, will stop selling Bud Light saying the beer’s partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney is ‘in direct opposition to our Biblical faith’ OK, will Grills stop serving divorced couples & couples who might be having sex without marriage?

And if restaurants and businesses want to boycott Bud Light for alleged biblical reasons- are they all going to start closing on Sundays? Remember that commandment about keeping the Lord’s day holy?

Some of my favorite woke lyrics: “When we’re free to love anyone we choose, When this world’s big enough for all different views, When we all can worship from our own kind of pew, Then we shall be free.” So MAGA going to cancel Garth Brooks now?

While SCOTUS considers ultimate ruling on mifespristone case, would be good time for someone to bring case to ban testosterone or Viagra for “safety reasons” with most liberal woman judge they can find. Maybe it will remind men what the stakes are with activist judges taking on FDA.

Going to keep posting about this: Matthew Kacsmaryk, in a 2014 interview he didn’t disclose during his confirmation hearing, complained about US implementing “very permissive policies on contraception. Why does ANYONE think him ruling against birth control pills won’t be next?

Not just abortion: At Kacsmaryk’s hearing he told Dianne Feinstein & Amy Klobuchar:

“Obergefell is precedent of SCOTUS, therefore binding on all lower federal courts. If confirmed, I will fully & faithfully apply SCOTUS precedent.

We now know Kascmaryk lies. Radical right-wingers will no doubt send him a same-sex marriage case.

Is Clarence Thomas really trying for the title “Worst Supreme Court Justice of all Time?” If so he’s making good progress.

Was at a meeting this week where politics came up and a colleague commented “They’re all crooks.” Another reason we really need to amplify the good people. When only the bad politicians make headlines, too many Americans come to that same wrong conclusion.

Riding into the sunset?

April 20, 2023

Madison Bumgarner DFA’ed by Diamondbacks. Damn. Maybe Bruce Bochy will pick him up for the Rangers. Though I’d love to see him back in orange and black. #ForeverGiant

Very early days but the teams leading their respective MLB divisions are Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Texas, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Arizona. Just the big name teams the league dreams of having in the postseason.

It’s April 20. So we’re only about 2 MONTHS from a potental game 7 in the NBA finals.

Larry Elder is the latest to run for GOP Presidential nomination in 2024. For those who don’t remember, when conservative talk show host Elder became the GOP candidate in 2021, it gave then embattled Gavin Newsom a huge boost in avoiding being recalled.

So now in Florida, Republicans think it’s fine for school children to have active shooter drills and read about other children being murdered, as long as they don’t hear or read about people being gay. Make it make sense.

Starship literally blowing up on the day Elon Musk is blowing up the old blue check system on Twitter is a heck of a metaphor.

So does its “rapid unscheduled disassembly” mean #Starship doesn’t get a blue check?

Just a thought, while we discuss $8 a month… One alternative, since for many of us it’s not about money per se. Consider instead of paying for blue check, donating an extra $8 each month to good cause – your favorite politician, Planned Parenthood, World Central Kitchen…

Oldies and goodies?

April 20, 2023

Max Scherzer, 38, was ejected for an allegedly illegal substance on his glove.

Could he claim it was Poligrip?

Aaron Rodgers is apparently supporting anti-vaxxer RFK Jr for President.

Before the Jets or anyone signs Rodgers for 2023 can they check him for concussions?

Ann Coulter suggested that abortion should be banned for registered Republicans only.

I’m so old that I remember when Ann Coulter was on the crazy end of of the GOP.

While we’re at it with GOP and their handpicked judges trying to ban mifepristone, anyone looked at side effect of Rogaine lately? Can some woman judge try to ban that? And then there’s testosterone supplements…

Samuel Alito just extended stay on restrictions on mifepristone until 1159p Friday. Is Alito actually cognizant of point Amy Klobuchar has been making – judge & plaintiffs didn’t have standing. Or is he trying to put his beliefs before law & hopes Friday night no one will notice?

DeathSantis on Disney: “We’ll make sure that we’ll keep them in their pen one way or another. Don’t worry about that.” I’m so old I remember what Central Florida tourism was like before Disney. Weeki Wachee mermaids and Gatorland.

Nothing like losing

April 19, 2023

SF Giants 2023 slogan “Nothing like it.” Uh, I don’t know, lately seeming like the closest match might be the 1962 Mets.

Or maybe the SF Giants slogan should be “At least we’re not the A’s”

Never been a huge Colin Kaepernick fan, politics aside. And his NFL lifetime QB rating, while decent, was only 88.9

But meanwhile, KC Chiefs just signed Blaine Gabbert as a backup to Patrick Mahomes. Gabbert’s rating… 72.6

Phoenix Suns may have seriously overpaid for Kevin Durant. But at least they won’t have overpaid to have him and be swept out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Crickets from GOP and right-wing media on the black teenager shot repeatedly & critically injured by a white man just because he rang the wrong doorbell to pick up his little brothers. Can you imagine if a white kid had done the same & been shot by a black man or an immigrant?

It’s not unreasonable to be nervous if someone rings your doorbell late at night.

But to cold-bloodedly shoot, twice, and almost kill that person without saying a word… It’s the guns, stupid. (With a healthy dose of racism.)

It really takes a special kind of stupid to pick a petty personal fight with the largest private employer and biggest tourism draw in your state. Ron DeSantis is redefining #FloridaMan.

Look, no one know what lingering effects from his fall & concussion Mitch McConnell might have… He’s older than Joe Biden 81 and has had several public health issues.

But if Mitch had asked for any committee concessions and Democrats had refused, GOP would be complaining nonstop about Dem lack of decency etc.

Assume Republican Senators pontificating and trying to score political points while opposing Dianne Feinstein’s reasonable request to be replaced on Judiciary Committee expect and accept that Democrats will show them zero mercy next time a GOP Senator has a real health crisis.

Republicans block Feinstein from being replaced on judiciary for health reasons, think Chuck Schumer should start by responding that weekends off are canceled while Senate works through backlog GOP is causing. I’m sure McConnell and other “senior” members of Senate won’t mind.

49 Republican Senators. And not a single one of them even seems to be “concerned” about the revelations about Clarence Thomas’s apparently disregard for all judical ethics. We’re waiting.

Waiting for GOP and right wing media to explain why a a $787.5 million settlement isn’t acknowledging that Fox lied about the election and falsely accused Dominion Voting Systems.

Meanwhile, on Fox News website, zero coverage of the settlement. But headlines about Elon Musk opining with Tucker Carlson about alien life, and another headline “Bidens’ bucks” – which is simply about Joe and Jill Biden’s very boring and for a President very modest tax returns.

Muskrat rants without evidence to Tucker Carlson that government has access to private Twitter DMs. But you know who DOES have access to private DMs? Elon himself.

Said this before, probably will say it again: If GOP being a-holes means DiFi has to resign then Gavin Newsom should pick a great fill-in for 18 months who knows her way around the Senate and won’t run in 2024 – Barbara Boxer.

And the first shall be last?

April 16, 2023

Early days but some game one upsets and injuries highlight serious chances of big 1st round upsets in NBA playoffs

Since NBA already dealing with issues & allegations players do not take regular season seriously, maybe time to start changing rules to give a bigger postseason advantage to teams with better records. Better for fans too.

SF Giants game against Detroit Tigers, scheduled for 100p today, was finally postponed at 515p. (Despite no rain for about 4 of those hours.

So yeah, while no tears for athletes making millions, how much fun was it to sit in the clubhouse for about 7 hours – while it didn’t rain for four of them – and then giving up and flying to Miami?

Meanwhile, as Oakland loses their 13th game and 4th in a row today, maybe SF Giants should change their 2023 slogan from “Nothing Like It” to “At Least We’re not the A’s.”

Feinstein making headlines but while we’re talking about old Senators, sports fans know athletes are monitored carefully after concussions and sometimes they can be out for months with lingering symptoms. Why is no one asking if Mitch McConnell is being cognitively tested after HIS concussion?

One tech executive gets murdered over a personal issue and GOP is nonstop railing about out-of-control crime in San Francisco. 20 people are shot, four fatally, at a “Sweet 16” birthday party in deep red Alabama,, and GOP crickets.

Hate to amplify him but Velveeta Voldemort just called Michael Cohen a “cereal” liar. Increasingly think our Former President is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Mediaincreasingly incapable of reporting reasonable statements.

Amy Klobuchar today on ABC said “takes Dianne Feinstein at her word she’ll be back” but “If this goes on month after month after month, she’s gonna have to make decision with her family and friends.”

Headline; “Feinstein Needs to Decide Her Future in Senate, Klobuchar Says.”

Klobuahr also Sunday morning pointed out that while Clarence Thomas didn’t report his billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow taking him on luxury private jet and super yacht trips, not to mention buying and refurbishing his mom’s home, Thomas DID report a medallion he got from Yale. He reported tires someone gave him… So Clarence knows the rules, he just ignores them when he feel like it.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin on mifepristone: “What we have in Texas is a judge who is not guided by science.” Understatement of the year. GOP politicians these days have basically renounced science.

As Ro Khanna keeps attacking Feinstein & telling her to resign, instructive to remember Khanna won HIS Congressional seat by primarying- twice- Rep. Mike Honda – 70+ yr old long-time Democrat. Two expensive races where $$$ spent could have been used in Dem vs GOP close races.

Saturdaze night

April 15, 2023

Wonder if any GOP Governors have decided the day was too “woke” and will demand MLB stop celebrating Jackie Robinson?

Tampa Bay has lost first two games of series in Toronto. But wait, the Rays are still undefeated in the USA.

If you’re a fan of all San Francisco sports then a silver lining from tonight’s Sacramento win over Golden State is that Logan Webb is a HUGE Kings fan. And he should be pumped to start Sunday’s SF Giants-Detroit Tigers series finale.

But so far – after two 2023 games in Detroit, SF Giants headline sadly has to be “Wheels come off in the Motor City.”

Now that it appears murder of Bill Lee was because a jealous high tech executive brother thought his sister was having an affair with Lee, has a single GOP politician or right-wing media type apologized for claiming his killing was proof San Francisco wasn’t safe? I’ll wait.

As media covers Feinstein health issue, article today on her Senate history: “She quickly earned reputation as difficult boss…Some staffers occasionally were on verge of tears after being harshly criticized by Feinstein” Has anyone EVER seen these takes on male politicans?

Missed it by that much

April 15, 2023

So there won’t be a 162-0 team in 2023. But congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays for giving it a good shot

Dan Snyder bought the Washington Commanders nee Redskins for $750 million. After decades of scandals and accusations of a toxic workplace culture Snyder is finally selling the team. For $6 billion Yeah, that’ll teach him.

Why would any pregnant woman even with a wanted pregnancy, now vacation in Florida? For example – “Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy usually develop between 4th & 12th weeks of pregnancy.” Florida new slogan “Dying for a vacation?”

Ron DeSantis wasn’t even in Florida yesterday as Fort Lauderdale flooded, and couldn’t find time to call the city’s mayor.

Instead Deathsantis decided not to cancel a trip to Ohio for a book tour speech and found time late at night to sign a 6 week abortion ban.

(And Friday he was in New Hampshire…. making a speech. Not even remote working.)

WTAF? While a judge rejected his request, Donald Trump wants to know identities of jurors at his upcoming defamation trial vs E. Jean Carroll, who also claims Trump raped her. In what universe would anyone think those jurors would be safe if he had that information?

At EPCOT, Disney says World of Nature now will invite guests to celebrate the Earth & think about their relationship to it, and new “Journey of Water” will teach guests about importance of water while they playfully interact with it. Uh, oh, sounds “woke”. Don’t tell Deathsantis.

So in response to Parkland high school killer being given a life sentence, Florida is changing their law so that jury doesn’t need to be unanimous to impose the death penalty. Heaven forbid Florida simple change the laws to make it harder for people to buy assault weapons.

Not allowed in hall where Trump, Pence etc speak at NRA convention:



Backpacks/large Bags

Drones, Firearms

Glass & Metal Containers

Gun Parts


Laser Pointers

Mace/Pepper Spray


Toy guns

Weapons of any kind

Hypocrites, however, are welcome.

Still going…

April 14, 2023

Tampa Bay Rays are now 12-0.

How long until Mets owner Steve Cohen tries to buy the entire Rays team?

The new MLB pitch clock is definitely shortening games, on average 31 minutes. Stephen Colbert sums up one of the problem$. ” I can’t have three $12 beers, how am I going to be drunk enough to buy two $15 hot dogs?”

Jhony Brito came into tonight’s Minnesota Twins NY Yankees game with a 2-0 record and a 0.90 ERA. His ERA is now 6.75 after he allowed 7 earned runs in 2/3 of an inning in the 1st. That’s baseball.

As Alex Wagner said tonight

“Your lived experience as an American, the civil rights you have now depend on who runs your state.” If there’s anyone out there who still doesn’t believe in the necessity of voting. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

Ron DeSantis turns most of his bill signings into photo ops & even sometimes uses children as props for his anti-gay anti-books etc agenda… But he signed Florida’s new abortion ban after six weeks late at night with no media presence. Does he think Floridians won’t notice?

President Biden gets a standing ovation from the Irish Parliament: Fox News headline (no joke) “Biden gets a somewhat hostile greeting from Irish president’s dog” (apparently the dog barked at him.)

Some right wing media & GOP politicians blaming Biden on documents leak while claiming outrage on national security

Funny, GOP was crickets on Trump’s documents at Mar-A-Lago, and crickets on security threat of Tuberville holding up Pentagon appoinments to deny women healthcare.

CNN shows poll saying 66% percent of American SAY they believe in age limits for politicians. Uh, Iowa voters just re-elected 89 year old Chuck Grassley for a six year term.

Let’s be clear. You can be fired for taking a bribe as a teacher, a bank teller, a city clerk, a police officer… . But not apparently as a SCOTUS justice. What’s wrong with this picture?

Now Fox News has taken the story about the arrest of suspect – a tech executive – in Bob Lee murder off their front page. But Fox News had no problem last week with big headlines like “Bob Lee moved from San Francisco to Miami amid concerns over rising crime.”

President Biden addressing Irish Parliament talks about Ukraine and democracy, and quotes John F. Kennedy. “Ireland pursues an independent course in foreign policy. But is not neutral between liberty and tyranny. And it never will be.” It’s so nice having a President.


April 13, 2023

Tampa Bay, 12-0 Maybe Tom Brady finally retired because he figured he could never compete for attention with the Rays?

Meanwhile the SF Giants move from last night’s castle back to the outhouse. 10-5 loss including an inning where Dodgers pitchers scored 5 runs on 1 hitting.

So expect great things for Friday’s game against the Detroit Tigers?

USA Today reports Jeff Bezos has decided he won’t submit bid to purchase the Washington Commanders.

Makes sense, Bezos only wants to get involved with something when he thinks there’s a CHANCE of winning.

Only two more play-in games…. so the NBA regular season is finally about to start.

“Grocery prices dip for the first time since 2020.” Siri, tell me another story I won’t see on Fox News.

ESPN reports “NBA sent memo to league office staff Tues. instructing them to reduce expenses & limit hiring for remainder of fiscal year because of economic constraints.” In 2021/22 season, 30 NBA teams combined generated revenues over 10 billion U.S. dollars. Enough said.

Parents of Louisville killer say he had “mental health challenges,” but they “can’t explain” how their son turned into a mass murderer. Without that assault weapon maybe he wouldn’t have been, or at least maybe he might have shot fewer people… It’s the guns, stupid.

The “COVID emergency” is officially over. Which is what right wing media has been clamoring for.

Now how long until Fox News starts attacking President Biden because now many Americans may need to start paying for their own COVID vaccines, tests, and treatments?


So many calling for an octogenarian US senator, who has been gone from Senate for a while and has admitted serious health issues, to resign.

McConnell says he’ll be back. Oh, wait, no one is telling Mitch to resign. Yes, Dianne Feinstein is old too. But misogyny is real.

Under water.

April 11, 2023

How bad are the Oakland A’s early in the 2023 season?

It’s not just that they’re 2-9. It’s that through 11 games they have a negative 53 run differential.

Meanwhile SF Giants back to the castle. with a 5-0 win over LA Dodgers. The team is about even on runs for and against. But they’ve played only ONE one-run game. And seven of first four game have been decided by 4 or more runs.

If someone takes nitrate drugs, has low or high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, then we KNOW ED drugs can be dangerous. So when is a judge going to stay the FDA’s approval of medications like Viagra?

Tucker Carlson today called Trump “Moderate, sensible and wise.” Maybe it’s time to give Tucker that “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” test.

So let’s get this straight. The same Republicans who don’t trust teachers to assign books children can read or say the word “gay” also want those teachers to be armed in the classroom.

GOP has now been in charge of the House for three months. Have they done a single thing on behalf of the American people, or is it all a petty littany of vendettas and Trumped up investigations? I’ll wait.

Here we go again. Velveeta Voldemort on his arraignment: ‘It’s tough, tough place, & they were crying, actually crying. They said “I’m sorry.”‘

Big strong men crying & calling him sir.

Yeah, when my grandfather got really old he started telling same stories over & over too.

Can we stop saying “Congress has failed” on reasonable gun laws? It’s not Congress. While there are some Democrats especially in red states who are resistant to changing the laws, it’s REPUBLICANS in Congress blocking the reforms most Americans want.

For all those saying nothing could have been done to stop the Louisville mass shooting as the killer had no previous criminal record:

An assault weapons ban is not nothing.

Congress passed it once, and the ban made a difference.

Congress needs to pass such a ban again. Period.


April 10, 2023

SF Giants are now 4-6, but except for one bullpen meltdown, none of the losses have been close. Including tonight’s 9-1 loss against the Dodgers.

In their 6 losses they are averaging less than 2 runs a game, and twice at least have had bases loaded with zero out and not scored.

Forget “Nothing Like It,” maybe the 2023 slogan should be “outhouse or castle.”

Washington DC has ordered the NFL Commanders to pay about $200,000 in season ticket holder deposits that should have been refunded, and $425,000 to the District of Columbia.

Another pending lawsuit is about whether team and NFLe deceived D.C. residents concerning an investigation into the Commanders’ toxic workplace.

Dan Snyder is going to get $6 billion for the team.

Yeah, these lawsuits will teach him.

Orlando Sentinel quotes a Trump supporter. “If he doesn’t win in 2024, I’ll never vote again.’” Seems reasonable.

Today’s mass shooting in Louisville was horrific,

And in Orlando last weekend four people were shot to death including a child, though that story will never make national headlines.

Maybe we should just keep the flags at half staff?

Ted Cruz recently said the US should have armed guards in schools like we do in banks so we can keep kids safe. Armed guards worked out so well in Louisville today. How about we just act like a civilized country and start banning assault weapons?

If Dianne Feinstein is not doing well but hates idea of Gavin Newsom appointing replacement who’d become 2024 frontrunner…. What about Newsom appointing someone who knows what she’s doing, could hit the ground running, & would step down after finishing the term – ie former Senator Barbara Boxer?

For the win.

April 10, 2023

Tyler Rogers for the SF Giants first save of a win at home in 2023. Just like we all predicted.

Jon Rahm is not only the world’s best golfer, he may have saved the Masters after the tournament allowed LIV players to enter.

Line from USA Today “Atop the West since December, the Nuggets got a little bored with the regular season”

Kind of sums up how a lot of fans felt too.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that if MLK Jr was assassinated in Dallas, Greg Abbott would have pardoned James Earl Ray?

After six years, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have broken up. Sad for them, but guessing that it means Swifties have an especially good new album to look forward to?

Tampa Bay Rays 9-0, MLB’s best start in decades. Perhaps the Rays will invite Florida Governor Deathsantis to their June Pride Night?

The Washington Nationals right now are one of the worst teams in MLB. Imagine if a liberal donor gave Justice Sotomayor, Brown Jackson or Kagan so much as bleacher seats to a weeknight game.

Clarence Thomas having his pornhub account exposed by Anonymous sounds like an SNL skit.

Someday a trivia question will be “what was Donald Trump’s first indictment.

So the man that wants to lead the Republican party and become President in 2024 is continuing and escalating a fight with the biggest private employer in his state over “don’t say gay” law. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs. #FloridaMan

Upside down

April 8, 2023

I get that people will lie and steal to save themselves and protect their families.

But would Phil Mickelson, who I admired for decades, like to tell us why he decided to throw away his beloved reputation to join the Saudi LIV tour?

And hey, Florida Governor Ron Deathsantis Best team in MLB so far? Tampa Bay Rays.

They’re having Pride Day June 10! Rainbow Can cooler giveaway. Dare to show up?

So with some country singers and other right-wing personalities boycotting Bud Light because of a promotion they did with a trans activist, does this mean I have to start drinking the beer again?

Sex isn’t always safe for older men, especially those with heart conditions. So isn’t about time a woman judge puts a stay of approval on Viagra?

Forget private superyachts sailing around Indonesia. Just imagine if a Democratic friend of the Biden family gave one of his kids or grandkids so much as a Carnival Caribbean cruise.

Dumping important news on Friday is way to try to avoid outrage. Matthew Kacsmaryk picks late on Good Friday to stay FDA’s approval of abortion medication for “safety concerns.”

Mifepristone was approved Sept. 2000. So for 22 years women have proved him wrong. GOP hates women.

Your reminder again, GOP lost their collective sh*t when it was reported falsely that Sonia Sotamayor was simply dining with Democratic leaders and the woman turned out to be Schumer’s wife. Have any GOP leaders said a word about Clarence Thomas?


Finally, Today is another great day to quote my late great stepmother Jean Marshall Crawford, a Democratic party volunteer stalwart in Virginia. “We’re not perfect, but they’re nuts.”

Up and down

April 6, 2023

SF Giants are 3-3

In their three losses they have scored 3 runs. In their three wins they have scored 35 runs. Not a typo.

“Siri, how would you define ‘outhouse or castle’?”

ESPN headline “The Rockets say the time for losing is over.” Washington Wizards are going “You can do that?”

Meanwhile in Washington after the first week of the MLB season, the Nationals are 1-5.

Nats fans are shocked, how’d they win a game?

Again, I get it, a train wreck is more fascinating to watch than a train running relatively smoothly on the tracks. But government is SUPPOSED to run relatively smoothly. Problem is we have a national media addicted to train wrecks.

Many right-wing media and GOP politicians condemned even peaceful protests outside SCOTUS judges’ homes after Dobbs decision leaked. So why are they silent now as the judge in the Trump NY case is getting death threats against himself and his family

Again, four words “pro life my a**”

2 printable thoughts on Tricia Cotham, turncoat Dem from very Blue NC district NC who’s now GOP. 1. She called HER own abortion “deeply personal decision”; said GOP was “wanting to play doctor.” 2. She’s huge college sports fan. Soon NC GOP will make top recruits look elsewhere.

Liberal Janet Protasiewicz elected to SCOTUS by 55 % to 45 % over Daniel Kelly. Wisconsin is a VERY purple state. But number 1 issue she ran on was abortion rights. Kansas in 2022 was NOT an anomaly. Women and the men who love them, care about reproductive rights. And we vote.

Thank you Badger state

April 5, 2023

More tonight but…