Missed it by that much

So there won’t be a 162-0 team in 2023. But congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays for giving it a good shot

Dan Snyder bought the Washington Commanders nee Redskins for $750 million. After decades of scandals and accusations of a toxic workplace culture Snyder is finally selling the team. For $6 billion Yeah, that’ll teach him.

Why would any pregnant woman even with a wanted pregnancy, now vacation in Florida? For example – “Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy usually develop between 4th & 12th weeks of pregnancy.” Florida new slogan “Dying for a vacation?”

Ron DeSantis wasn’t even in Florida yesterday as Fort Lauderdale flooded, and couldn’t find time to call the city’s mayor.

Instead Deathsantis decided not to cancel a trip to Ohio for a book tour speech and found time late at night to sign a 6 week abortion ban.

(And Friday he was in New Hampshire…. making a speech. Not even remote working.)

WTAF? While a judge rejected his request, Donald Trump wants to know identities of jurors at his upcoming defamation trial vs E. Jean Carroll, who also claims Trump raped her. In what universe would anyone think those jurors would be safe if he had that information?

At EPCOT, Disney says World of Nature now will invite guests to celebrate the Earth & think about their relationship to it, and new “Journey of Water” will teach guests about importance of water while they playfully interact with it. Uh, oh, sounds “woke”. Don’t tell Deathsantis.

So in response to Parkland high school killer being given a life sentence, Florida is changing their law so that jury doesn’t need to be unanimous to impose the death penalty. Heaven forbid Florida simple change the laws to make it harder for people to buy assault weapons.

Not allowed in hall where Trump, Pence etc speak at NRA convention:



Backpacks/large Bags

Drones, Firearms

Glass & Metal Containers

Gun Parts


Laser Pointers

Mace/Pepper Spray


Toy guns

Weapons of any kind

Hypocrites, however, are welcome.

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