Left out.

Kruk and Kuip tonight on broadcast of Giants-Mets talking about how every team in MLB is putting every left-hander they have against the SF Giants these days, who in 2023 cannot hit lefties.

SF lost tonight 7-0.

Sigh. Waiting for Jamie Moyer to become the first MLB player to come out retirement to pitch at the age of 60.

Meanwhile, at least long-time SF Giants fans can enjoy the facts that Bruce Bochy’s Texas Rangers are in first place, and Brandon Belt drove in four runs today to lead Toronto Blue Jays to a 6-1 win over the NY Yankees. #ForeverGiant

Kawhi Leonard has been ruled out for Game 4 between the Phoenix Suns and LA Clipper because of a right knee sprain. I suppose as a San Antonio Spurs fan it would be bad to chuckle a little bit at this news?

Grills, a Florida restaurant chain, will stop selling Bud Light saying the beer’s partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney is ‘in direct opposition to our Biblical faith’ OK, will Grills stop serving divorced couples & couples who might be having sex without marriage?

And if restaurants and businesses want to boycott Bud Light for alleged biblical reasons- are they all going to start closing on Sundays? Remember that commandment about keeping the Lord’s day holy?

Some of my favorite woke lyrics: “When we’re free to love anyone we choose, When this world’s big enough for all different views, When we all can worship from our own kind of pew, Then we shall be free.” So MAGA going to cancel Garth Brooks now?

While SCOTUS considers ultimate ruling on mifespristone case, would be good time for someone to bring case to ban testosterone or Viagra for “safety reasons” with most liberal woman judge they can find. Maybe it will remind men what the stakes are with activist judges taking on FDA.

Going to keep posting about this: Matthew Kacsmaryk, in a 2014 interview he didn’t disclose during his confirmation hearing, complained about US implementing “very permissive policies on contraception. Why does ANYONE think him ruling against birth control pills won’t be next?

Not just abortion: At Kacsmaryk’s hearing he told Dianne Feinstein & Amy Klobuchar:

“Obergefell is precedent of SCOTUS, therefore binding on all lower federal courts. If confirmed, I will fully & faithfully apply SCOTUS precedent.

We now know Kascmaryk lies. Radical right-wingers will no doubt send him a same-sex marriage case.

Is Clarence Thomas really trying for the title “Worst Supreme Court Justice of all Time?” If so he’s making good progress.

Was at a meeting this week where politics came up and a colleague commented “They’re all crooks.” Another reason we really need to amplify the good people. When only the bad politicians make headlines, too many Americans come to that same wrong conclusion.

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