Small mercies

Think tonight was the SF Giants first one-run win of the year. And definitely their first 2 game win streak of 2023. So a good day for Giants fans.

Diminished expectations have their advantages.

How bad are the Oakland As? Through 22 games their run differential is minus 103! (The next closest teams are the Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies, – minus 50 and 53 respectively.)

MLB owners apparently willing to say Oakland A’s can relocate to Las Vegas, with a ballpark on the site of the now closed Wild Wild West Casino. As Pete Rose would say, what were the odds?

Meanwhile Golden State Warriors survived, barely, Steph Curry’s decision to call a time out when Warriors had none left.

As millions of younger Americans googled “Who is Chris Webber?”

So will Bed Bath and Beyond at least be able to get a 20% discount from their bankruptcy lawyers?

Here we go again NY TImes headline “What Older Voters Say About Biden 2024: From ‘He’s Fine’ to ‘Oh, God.” (Joe is younger than Mitch McConnell & only 3 1/2 years older than the Former Guy.) Almost want to resubscribe to NY Times so I can cancel again.

Fox News attacking VP Harris for mistakenly referring to the “Federal Drug Administration” approving the abortion pill mifepristone 20 years ago. Okay, would Fox like to randomly ask GOP members of Congress what THEY think FDA stands for?

Atherton CA AVERAGE home price is $7,554,461. Not a typo. And councilwoman Elizabeth Lewis, arguing against California mandate for 348 more apartments “We need to express & explain the specialness of Atherton in reducing their expectations of us.” With her outside voice.

Washington Post headline “Biden is running out of time to avoid calamitous debt ceiling outcomes.” Uh, how about a more factual headline? “GOP running out of time to prove they don’t want an unnecessary and unprecedented calamitous crash for US economy.”

Do better media

And Washington Post knows better. If debt ceiling was routinely negotiated then what Kevin McCarthy is saying might make sense. But Congress does not negotiate the debt ceiling.

It’s not about future spending, it’s about paying bills for what US has already spent. McCarthy knows that. He just hopes we don’t.

(What’s the Washington Post’s excuse?)

Lindsey Graham claimed today that while he admires Dianne Feinstein and hope she returns, he’d support allowing a replacement IFshe retires to take her place on Senate Judiciary.

Haven’t we already learned never to trust Senate Republicans?

Dana Bash this morning referred to NY Times talking about President Biden’s age, adding “the NY Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism.” Oh please. The NY Times these days would both sides a mobius strip.

While Graham lies about Democrats, Senator Amy Klobuchar reiterates FACTS of bill Democrats want to pass. Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023 codifies Roe Vs. Wade. No government restrictions on abortion until fetal viability. Which is what most Americans want. Facts matter.

Senator Klobuchar also on the Comstock Act that GOP wants to use to stop mifepristone being sent by mail. Amy points out the act literally passed in 1873, at a time when you were treated for pneumonia by blood letting.

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