Not so old men..

Just saying: – in basketball years LeBron James is roughly the same age in political years as Joe Biden.

The Tampa Bay Rays are currently the best team in MLB.

They are also in many ways, woke.

Tampa Bay has Pride Night June 10. And in June 2022, the Rays donated $50,000 after Uvalde and Buffalo massacres to “Every Town For Gun Safety Support Fund.”

Ron DeSantis retalitated by blocking $35 million that had been approved for a Rays spring training facility saying “It’s inappropriate to subsidize political activism of a private corporation.”

One of these two is on the right side of history. My money’s on the Rays.

Aaron Rodgers has finally gotten the trade he wanted to the NY Jets. Forget “who’ll catch Aaron’s first NY touchdown pass?”

Thinking a more fun pool will be “Which ‘friendly’ New York City media type will be the first to provoke a Rodgers meltdown?

Tucker Carlson reportedly dissed Fox ownership and management in texts, never a good idea. But if Carlson at this point was a net financial positive for the network, Rupert Murdoch would have shrugged it off. Follow the money.

Today’s GOP in a nutshell: Americans should be outraged & scared about slim chances a trans girl or woman might compete against their kids in high school or college sports. But Americans should be just fine with idea their kids could be shot on a high school or college campus.

Glenn Youngkin when asked about boycotts responds with BS line people just don’t want to deal with ESG & politics when they buy a product or go to theme park.

Uh, Disney just supported gay customers & employers.

Bud Light had one promotion with trans women.

GOP made it political.

Oh, spare me, CNN. When Joe Biden was 29, and he ran against Cale Boggs, 63, he said things about Boggs like ‘he’s lost that old twinkle in his eye.”

As someone younger than Biden but well past 29, who amongst us didn’t in our 20s joke about people over 60, or even over 40?

So Tucker Carlson, then Don Lemon… if things come in threes can Chuck Todd or Andrea Mitchell be next?

Senate leaders now could do 24 hour marathon reading of President Biden’s accomplishments on Senate floor & media would assign reporters to go through it to find something they could spin badly or most tepid quote.

Media hates Democrats in array.

Competence isn’t clickbait.

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