Until it’s over…

And who had today’s Giants-Cardinals game coming down to 1-2 count on rookie Blake Sabol, two out, in the bottom 9th with SF Giants down 4-3? Now all you liars put your hands down.

Of course, the reason the SF Giants were down in the 9th was their pitchers forgot a Cardinal rule – Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and the fact that the SF Giants should never pitch to Paul Goldschmidt with the game on the line.

Tommy Tuberville has now slowed down the usually automatic confirmation for 184 Pentagon nominees…with some trumped up excuse about trying to stop military allowing women deployed in red states to travel for abortions and other reproductive care.

Your reminder that politics aside Auburn University was so fed up in the end with coach now Senator Tommy Tuberville they paid him over $5 MILLION to go away and stop coaching. And the University of Cincinnati ended up paying him $1.5 million to leave. No joke.

Thinking Schumer should call Tuberville’s bluff and cancel nights and weekends while Senate goes through the time consuming process of confirming nominees in spite of Tommy’s holds. Will see how how long his GOP colleagues put up with it.

Russia TV apparently offering Tucker Carlson a job. Well, now that Tucker has free time, I guess he can work for Russia full time instead of as a side hustle.

If GOP is really going to push for life beginning at conception and banning abortion accordingly, why not go all the way and regulate, uh, “emissions?” Time for a rousing chorus of Monty Python’s “Every sperm is sacred.”

As Midwestern states now face major flooding, we know two things. 1. President Biden will help residents of all states, whether or not they voted for him. 2. Republicans will ask for help, but without giving Joe any credit for giving it, and without acknowledging climate change.

President Biden talking about GOP economic plan – “Trickle down dressed up in MAGA clothing…. only worse. Because if they don’t get their way they’re going to let the country default on its debt.” I love this Dark Brandon guy

Last weekend Amy Klobuchar & Dick Durbin both said clearly President Biden should negotiate on budget with McCarthy, but only SEPARATELY from debt ceiling issue & that Congress must pass clean debt ceiling bill without holding economy hostage. Media.

Let’s focus on Joe Manchin.

Your regular reminder, Mitch McConnell is older than Joe Biden and has been hospitalized twice in past few years. Most recently after a bad fall. Media isn’t calling for HIM not to lead GOP in the Senate.

And ICYMI Joe is only about a year older than Mick Jagger and some months younger than Paul McCartney.

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