Forward thinking?

All you need to know about NFL draft grades on day one –

“A Newsday poll of 20 NFL general managers in 1998 had 14 of 20 saying Colts should have drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning: “

The Atlanta Braves have been celebrating their home runs with an oversized baseball cap in 2023 but MLB says they can’t do it any more after complaints from New Era, who did not manufacture the big hat being used by players in the dugout.

Meanwhile, the chop, which doesn’t offend any MLB partners but does offend millions of other Americans, for it’s racism and sheer obnoxiousness,, that’s just fine.

Fox News trying to get people outraged with dishonest headline about “Trans female runner who beat 14,000 women at London Marathon” & her offer to give back a medal. Uh, over 48,000 people ran the London Marathon, almost half women.

And she was talking about a FINISHERS medal.

A truthful headline about the trans woman who ran the London marathon is that she finished the middle of the pack for women. But if you read right wing media it’s all about the number of women she beat. For too many in GOP and conservative media, it’s all about the hate.

I’m so old I remember when the most outrageous show on TV was Jerry Springer and not C-Span covering GOP-led House.

As GOP in Montana insists they are banning transgender rep Zooey Zephyr over “decorum”, your reminder that when Republican Governor Greg Gianforte was running for Congress, he BODY SLAMMED and punched a reporter. No joke.

ICYMI Several GOP “corn belt” members voted for House budget bill only after McCarthy amended bill to protect ethanol tax credits.

Again, GOP proves they don’t give a d*mn on adding to deficit with tax cuts. GOP just doesn’t want to spend money to benefit poor & middle class Americans.

Amy Klobuchar on women & girls who suffer under GOP laws after rapes or dangerous pregnancies: “Women who come forward with these stories are incredibly courageous,” “They are real people, real children.”

Wonder how many women & girls don’t come forward because they end up dead.

A six week abortion ban was blocked in Nebraska in part because of Sen. Merv Riepe. Riepe, 80, (Biden’s age) is longtime Republican who’d have been decisive vote to advance bill, abstained over his concern 6-week ban might not give women enough time to know they’re pregnant.

Age & experience might be underrated.

Montana GOP barred transgender lawmaker Zooey Zephyr from House floor for rest of 2023 session because they didn’t like her speech last week. If not liking to listen to someone is grounds to ban them from floor thinking US Senate could get bipartisan agreement to ban Ted Cruz.

Mitch McConnell defended the integrity of Clarence Thomas. Mitch just returned to the Senate after a really bad fall and concussion. Has anyone given him a cognitive test?

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