Riding into the sunset?

Madison Bumgarner DFA’ed by Diamondbacks. Damn. Maybe Bruce Bochy will pick him up for the Rangers. Though I’d love to see him back in orange and black. #ForeverGiant

Very early days but the teams leading their respective MLB divisions are Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Texas, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Arizona. Just the big name teams the league dreams of having in the postseason.

It’s April 20. So we’re only about 2 MONTHS from a potental game 7 in the NBA finals.

Larry Elder is the latest to run for GOP Presidential nomination in 2024. For those who don’t remember, when conservative talk show host Elder became the GOP candidate in 2021, it gave then embattled Gavin Newsom a huge boost in avoiding being recalled.

So now in Florida, Republicans think it’s fine for school children to have active shooter drills and read about other children being murdered, as long as they don’t hear or read about people being gay. Make it make sense.

Starship literally blowing up on the day Elon Musk is blowing up the old blue check system on Twitter is a heck of a metaphor.

So does its “rapid unscheduled disassembly” mean #Starship doesn’t get a blue check?

Just a thought, while we discuss $8 a month… One alternative, since for many of us it’s not about money per se. Consider instead of paying for blue check, donating an extra $8 each month to good cause – your favorite politician, Planned Parenthood, World Central Kitchen…

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