Oldies and goodies?

Max Scherzer, 38, was ejected for an allegedly illegal substance on his glove.

Could he claim it was Poligrip?

Aaron Rodgers is apparently supporting anti-vaxxer RFK Jr for President.

Before the Jets or anyone signs Rodgers for 2023 can they check him for concussions?

Ann Coulter suggested that abortion should be banned for registered Republicans only.

I’m so old that I remember when Ann Coulter was on the crazy end of of the GOP.

While we’re at it with GOP and their handpicked judges trying to ban mifepristone, anyone looked at side effect of Rogaine lately? Can some woman judge try to ban that? And then there’s testosterone supplements…

Samuel Alito just extended stay on restrictions on mifepristone until 1159p Friday. Is Alito actually cognizant of point Amy Klobuchar has been making – judge & plaintiffs didn’t have standing. Or is he trying to put his beliefs before law & hopes Friday night no one will notice?

DeathSantis on Disney: “We’ll make sure that we’ll keep them in their pen one way or another. Don’t worry about that.” I’m so old I remember what Central Florida tourism was like before Disney. Weeki Wachee mermaids and Gatorland.

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