Nothing like losing

SF Giants 2023 slogan “Nothing like it.” Uh, I don’t know, lately seeming like the closest match might be the 1962 Mets.

Or maybe the SF Giants slogan should be “At least we’re not the A’s”

Never been a huge Colin Kaepernick fan, politics aside. And his NFL lifetime QB rating, while decent, was only 88.9

But meanwhile, KC Chiefs just signed Blaine Gabbert as a backup to Patrick Mahomes. Gabbert’s rating… 72.6

Phoenix Suns may have seriously overpaid for Kevin Durant. But at least they won’t have overpaid to have him and be swept out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Crickets from GOP and right-wing media on the black teenager shot repeatedly & critically injured by a white man just because he rang the wrong doorbell to pick up his little brothers. Can you imagine if a white kid had done the same & been shot by a black man or an immigrant?

It’s not unreasonable to be nervous if someone rings your doorbell late at night.

But to cold-bloodedly shoot, twice, and almost kill that person without saying a word… It’s the guns, stupid. (With a healthy dose of racism.)

It really takes a special kind of stupid to pick a petty personal fight with the largest private employer and biggest tourism draw in your state. Ron DeSantis is redefining #FloridaMan.

Look, no one know what lingering effects from his fall & concussion Mitch McConnell might have… He’s older than Joe Biden 81 and has had several public health issues.

But if Mitch had asked for any committee concessions and Democrats had refused, GOP would be complaining nonstop about Dem lack of decency etc.

Assume Republican Senators pontificating and trying to score political points while opposing Dianne Feinstein’s reasonable request to be replaced on Judiciary Committee expect and accept that Democrats will show them zero mercy next time a GOP Senator has a real health crisis.

Republicans block Feinstein from being replaced on judiciary for health reasons, think Chuck Schumer should start by responding that weekends off are canceled while Senate works through backlog GOP is causing. I’m sure McConnell and other “senior” members of Senate won’t mind.

49 Republican Senators. And not a single one of them even seems to be “concerned” about the revelations about Clarence Thomas’s apparently disregard for all judical ethics. We’re waiting.

Waiting for GOP and right wing media to explain why a a $787.5 million settlement isn’t acknowledging that Fox lied about the election and falsely accused Dominion Voting Systems.

Meanwhile, on Fox News website, zero coverage of the settlement. But headlines about Elon Musk opining with Tucker Carlson about alien life, and another headline “Bidens’ bucks” – which is simply about Joe and Jill Biden’s very boring and for a President very modest tax returns.

Muskrat rants without evidence to Tucker Carlson that government has access to private Twitter DMs. But you know who DOES have access to private DMs? Elon himself.

Said this before, probably will say it again: If GOP being a-holes means DiFi has to resign then Gavin Newsom should pick a great fill-in for 18 months who knows her way around the Senate and won’t run in 2024 – Barbara Boxer.

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