And the first shall be last?

Early days but some game one upsets and injuries highlight serious chances of big 1st round upsets in NBA playoffs

Since NBA already dealing with issues & allegations players do not take regular season seriously, maybe time to start changing rules to give a bigger postseason advantage to teams with better records. Better for fans too.

SF Giants game against Detroit Tigers, scheduled for 100p today, was finally postponed at 515p. (Despite no rain for about 4 of those hours.

So yeah, while no tears for athletes making millions, how much fun was it to sit in the clubhouse for about 7 hours – while it didn’t rain for four of them – and then giving up and flying to Miami?

Meanwhile, as Oakland loses their 13th game and 4th in a row today, maybe SF Giants should change their 2023 slogan from “Nothing Like It” to “At Least We’re not the A’s.”

Feinstein making headlines but while we’re talking about old Senators, sports fans know athletes are monitored carefully after concussions and sometimes they can be out for months with lingering symptoms. Why is no one asking if Mitch McConnell is being cognitively tested after HIS concussion?

One tech executive gets murdered over a personal issue and GOP is nonstop railing about out-of-control crime in San Francisco. 20 people are shot, four fatally, at a “Sweet 16” birthday party in deep red Alabama,, and GOP crickets.

Hate to amplify him but Velveeta Voldemort just called Michael Cohen a “cereal” liar. Increasingly think our Former President is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Mediaincreasingly incapable of reporting reasonable statements.

Amy Klobuchar today on ABC said “takes Dianne Feinstein at her word she’ll be back” but “If this goes on month after month after month, she’s gonna have to make decision with her family and friends.”

Headline; “Feinstein Needs to Decide Her Future in Senate, Klobuchar Says.”

Klobuahr also Sunday morning pointed out that while Clarence Thomas didn’t report his billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow taking him on luxury private jet and super yacht trips, not to mention buying and refurbishing his mom’s home, Thomas DID report a medallion he got from Yale. He reported tires someone gave him… So Clarence knows the rules, he just ignores them when he feel like it.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin on mifepristone: “What we have in Texas is a judge who is not guided by science.” Understatement of the year. GOP politicians these days have basically renounced science.

As Ro Khanna keeps attacking Feinstein & telling her to resign, instructive to remember Khanna won HIS Congressional seat by primarying- twice- Rep. Mike Honda – 70+ yr old long-time Democrat. Two expensive races where $$$ spent could have been used in Dem vs GOP close races.

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