Tampa Bay, 12-0 Maybe Tom Brady finally retired because he figured he could never compete for attention with the Rays?

Meanwhile the SF Giants move from last night’s castle back to the outhouse. 10-5 loss including an inning where Dodgers pitchers scored 5 runs on 1 hitting.

So expect great things for Friday’s game against the Detroit Tigers?

USA Today reports Jeff Bezos has decided he won’t submit bid to purchase the Washington Commanders.

Makes sense, Bezos only wants to get involved with something when he thinks there’s a CHANCE of winning.

Only two more play-in games…. so the NBA regular season is finally about to start.

“Grocery prices dip for the first time since 2020.” Siri, tell me another story I won’t see on Fox News.

ESPN reports “NBA sent memo to league office staff Tues. instructing them to reduce expenses & limit hiring for remainder of fiscal year because of economic constraints.” In 2021/22 season, 30 NBA teams combined generated revenues over 10 billion U.S. dollars. Enough said.

Parents of Louisville killer say he had “mental health challenges,” but they “can’t explain” how their son turned into a mass murderer. Without that assault weapon maybe he wouldn’t have been, or at least maybe he might have shot fewer people… It’s the guns, stupid.

The “COVID emergency” is officially over. Which is what right wing media has been clamoring for.

Now how long until Fox News starts attacking President Biden because now many Americans may need to start paying for their own COVID vaccines, tests, and treatments?


So many calling for an octogenarian US senator, who has been gone from Senate for a while and has admitted serious health issues, to resign.

McConnell says he’ll be back. Oh, wait, no one is telling Mitch to resign. Yes, Dianne Feinstein is old too. But misogyny is real.

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