Under water.

How bad are the Oakland A’s early in the 2023 season?

It’s not just that they’re 2-9. It’s that through 11 games they have a negative 53 run differential.

Meanwhile SF Giants back to the castle. with a 5-0 win over LA Dodgers. The team is about even on runs for and against. But they’ve played only ONE one-run game. And seven of first four game have been decided by 4 or more runs.

If someone takes nitrate drugs, has low or high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, then we KNOW ED drugs can be dangerous. So when is a judge going to stay the FDA’s approval of medications like Viagra?

Tucker Carlson today called Trump “Moderate, sensible and wise.” Maybe it’s time to give Tucker that “Person, woman, man, camera, TV” test.

So let’s get this straight. The same Republicans who don’t trust teachers to assign books children can read or say the word “gay” also want those teachers to be armed in the classroom.

GOP has now been in charge of the House for three months. Have they done a single thing on behalf of the American people, or is it all a petty littany of vendettas and Trumped up investigations? I’ll wait.

Here we go again. Velveeta Voldemort on his arraignment: ‘It’s tough, tough place, & they were crying, actually crying. They said “I’m sorry.”‘

Big strong men crying & calling him sir.

Yeah, when my grandfather got really old he started telling same stories over & over too.

Can we stop saying “Congress has failed” on reasonable gun laws? It’s not Congress. While there are some Democrats especially in red states who are resistant to changing the laws, it’s REPUBLICANS in Congress blocking the reforms most Americans want.

For all those saying nothing could have been done to stop the Louisville mass shooting as the killer had no previous criminal record:

An assault weapons ban is not nothing.

Congress passed it once, and the ban made a difference.

Congress needs to pass such a ban again. Period.

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