SF Giants are now 4-6, but except for one bullpen meltdown, none of the losses have been close. Including tonight’s 9-1 loss against the Dodgers.

In their 6 losses they are averaging less than 2 runs a game, and twice at least have had bases loaded with zero out and not scored.

Forget “Nothing Like It,” maybe the 2023 slogan should be “outhouse or castle.”

Washington DC has ordered the NFL Commanders to pay about $200,000 in season ticket holder deposits that should have been refunded, and $425,000 to the District of Columbia.

Another pending lawsuit is about whether team and NFLe deceived D.C. residents concerning an investigation into the Commanders’ toxic workplace.

Dan Snyder is going to get $6 billion for the team.

Yeah, these lawsuits will teach him.

Orlando Sentinel quotes a Trump supporter. “If he doesn’t win in 2024, I’ll never vote again.’” Seems reasonable.

Today’s mass shooting in Louisville was horrific,

And in Orlando last weekend four people were shot to death including a child, though that story will never make national headlines.

Maybe we should just keep the flags at half staff?

Ted Cruz recently said the US should have armed guards in schools like we do in banks so we can keep kids safe. Armed guards worked out so well in Louisville today. How about we just act like a civilized country and start banning assault weapons?

If Dianne Feinstein is not doing well but hates idea of Gavin Newsom appointing replacement who’d become 2024 frontrunner…. What about Newsom appointing someone who knows what she’s doing, could hit the ground running, & would step down after finishing the term – ie former Senator Barbara Boxer?

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