For the win.

Tyler Rogers for the SF Giants first save of a win at home in 2023. Just like we all predicted.

Jon Rahm is not only the world’s best golfer, he may have saved the Masters after the tournament allowed LIV players to enter.

Line from USA Today “Atop the West since December, the Nuggets got a little bored with the regular season”

Kind of sums up how a lot of fans felt too.

Is it too much of a stretch to think that if MLK Jr was assassinated in Dallas, Greg Abbott would have pardoned James Earl Ray?

After six years, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have broken up. Sad for them, but guessing that it means Swifties have an especially good new album to look forward to?

Tampa Bay Rays 9-0, MLB’s best start in decades. Perhaps the Rays will invite Florida Governor Deathsantis to their June Pride Night?

The Washington Nationals right now are one of the worst teams in MLB. Imagine if a liberal donor gave Justice Sotomayor, Brown Jackson or Kagan so much as bleacher seats to a weeknight game.

Clarence Thomas having his pornhub account exposed by Anonymous sounds like an SNL skit.

Someday a trivia question will be “what was Donald Trump’s first indictment.

So the man that wants to lead the Republican party and become President in 2024 is continuing and escalating a fight with the biggest private employer in his state over “don’t say gay” law. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs. #FloridaMan

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