Up and down

SF Giants are 3-3

In their three losses they have scored 3 runs. In their three wins they have scored 35 runs. Not a typo.

“Siri, how would you define ‘outhouse or castle’?”

ESPN headline “The Rockets say the time for losing is over.” Washington Wizards are going “You can do that?”

Meanwhile in Washington after the first week of the MLB season, the Nationals are 1-5.

Nats fans are shocked, how’d they win a game?

Again, I get it, a train wreck is more fascinating to watch than a train running relatively smoothly on the tracks. But government is SUPPOSED to run relatively smoothly. Problem is we have a national media addicted to train wrecks.

Many right-wing media and GOP politicians condemned even peaceful protests outside SCOTUS judges’ homes after Dobbs decision leaked. So why are they silent now as the judge in the Trump NY case is getting death threats against himself and his family

Again, four words “pro life my a**”

2 printable thoughts on Tricia Cotham, turncoat Dem from very Blue NC district NC who’s now GOP. 1. She called HER own abortion “deeply personal decision”; said GOP was “wanting to play doctor.” 2. She’s huge college sports fan. Soon NC GOP will make top recruits look elsewhere.

Liberal Janet Protasiewicz elected to SCOTUS by 55 % to 45 % over Daniel Kelly. Wisconsin is a VERY purple state. But number 1 issue she ran on was abortion rights. Kansas in 2022 was NOT an anomaly. Women and the men who love them, care about reproductive rights. And we vote.

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