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Going and gone..

September 29, 2022

Sometimes you have to love September baseball… Ford Proctor (who?), has played in last few years for Hudson Valley Renegades, Bowling Green Hot Rods, Eastern Reyes del Tigre, Perth (Australia) Heat and Montgomery Biscuits. Started 2022 w/ Durham Bulls.

And tonight he hit his first MLB home run, a grand slam, with the SF Giants.

Meanwhile, the SF Giants at 78-78 are back to .500…. A sentence no one expected to read two weeks ago.

President Biden said his administration was “continuing to take swift action to help the families of Florida. … I want the people of Florida to know that we will be here at every step of the way.” “Siri, tell me something we’ll never hear about from DeSantis or Fox News.”

Senate just passed a stopgap funding bill, that included $2 billion in disaster relief, to keep the government from shutting down Friday. Vote was 72-25. All no votes were Republicans. Including Rick Scott of Florida. No joke. Why does GOP hate Americans?

Is there a way FEMA can get money directly to people in Florida instead of to the Governor’s office. We already know Deathsantis used COVID funds to fly refugees out of state.

We already have a US labor shortage. But the number of people needed for construction and cleanup in Florida after Hurricane Ian is going to be massive. If only there were people who wanted to come to this country to work…

Velveeta Voldemort’s favorite judge Aileen Cannon’s nomination was reported out of Senate Judiciary Committee Sept 17, 2020, 16-6. The six smart “no” votes? Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Marie Hirono, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris.


Roger roger

September 29, 2022

Love hearing SF Giants announcer Mike Krukow after he congratulates Aaron Judge “And I think it’s cool that kids are learning about Roger Maris.”

Aaron Judge, has been intentionally walked 18 times in 2022. Barry Bonds was intentionally walked 35 times in 2001. How often was Roger Maris intentionally walked in 1961, the year he hit 61? Zero. (The guy hitting behind him, Mickey Mantle, was pretty good.)

The NFL may move Sunday’s Chiefs-Bucs game, scheduled for Tampa, to the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium. Would this the first time anything has been moved to Minneapolis for weather?

Stephen Colbert liberally quoting tonight from Maggie Haberstam’s book. While I love Colbert, I’m so old that I remember that when you saw or heard about a crime, you called the police, not saved the story for a book.

So little bipartisan agreement in this country. But here’s a statement my friends on both sides of aisle probably agree with: “I am not buying Maggie Haberman’s book.”

Hoping for the best for Florida. It’s often been said there are no atheists in foxholes. And with natural disasters there are (almost) no Republicans railing against “socialism.”

Wondering again, how many resources does it take for reporters to stand out in the middle of of a big storm and say “yep, it’s a big storm.” (Hoping not too many police and first responder resources.)

Ron Desantis quoting President Biden’s phone call to him -“All hands on desk, he wants to be helpful, whatever you need, ask us. He was inviting us to ask for support. We think this is the best we can get at this juncture….” Would it kill DeSantis to say “”We thank him” or “I appreciate it?”

Velveeta Voldemort has sent out a number of fundraising emails already today. NONE of them express sympathy or ask for help for people in Florida. And he’s a “Florida resident.” Very on brand.

As Tom Cotton accuses the Democratic party of being pro-criminal, I am reminded again, the man really is trying to challenge Cancun Cruz for the most loathsome person in the Senate.

Out of town.

September 27, 2022

Small in the grand scheme of things but with Ian bearing down on Florida, whoever set it up that the Tampa Bay Rays’ last regular season scheduled home game was two days ago looks like a genius.

Boise State QB Hank Bachmeier has entered transfer portal. He told ESPN that his main priority in choosing a school is finding the best situation to both win games and prepare himself for the NFL. Well, at least Hank’s not even pretending it’s about academics.

Golfweek reports that LIV Golf is nearing a deal to buy airtime which would see its events broadcast for the first time. The network is Fox Sports.

I am shocked said nobody.

Chrissy Teigen admitted her heartbreaking 2020 “miscarriage” at 20 weeks was actually “life-saving abortion” w/ nonviable pregnancy. Now Cancun Cruz claims Teigen is lying & just calling miscarriage an abortion because she is pro-choice.

STFU is mildest response I can think of.

President Biden has been nothing but supportive of Florida, January 6 committee has postponed Sept 28th hearing, even Ron Deathsantis has toned his rhetoric down a bit. But political leader who has said NOTHING about Ian is one who claims to be Florida resident at Mar-A-Lago.

Are all these Republicans apparently in love in authoritarianism paying attention to Putin’s forced draft? Or are they just thinking if US ends up with such a leader they’ll be too old and decrepit to be “mobilized?”

Mitch McConnell supports Electoral Count Act. Chuck Schumer supports Electoral Count Act. Nine Republicans co-sponsor Electoral Count Act.

It passed out of Rules committee 14-1.

But just to keep it from being too much of bipartisan Kumbaya moment -we’had Cancun Cruz objecting. Will Rogers never met Ted Cruz.

Open note to people who discover secrets that are seriously dangerous to democracy and/or national security. You have a better chance of selling a book some day if you divulge those secrets at the time you learn them.

Late and not lamented.

September 27, 2022

NFL is apparently cancelling the Pro Bowl. “What a shame” said absolutely nobody.

Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving says he gave up 4-year, $100M-plus contract extension to be unvaccinated. So the man who has said the earth is flat and vaccines are bad, is telling us he doesn’t get math either. Got it.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Guardians, baseball’s youngest team, on clinching the AL Central

How young are the Guardians? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be a shock if the locker room celebration included milk and cookies.

Online trivia game tonight had a question: “Give last names of all of the women who have served as prime minister of United Kingdom.”

As an Anglophile that was an easy one, there have been three.

(It’s a sadly easier answer in the US, zero.)

So if you’ve just been at O’Hare Airport and you’re eating Garrett’s cheese popcorn for lunch that counts as dairy and a vegetable, right? Asking for a friend.

With Hurricane Ian bearing down, wonder how many Floridians in the path of Hurricane Ian would love to get out of the state asap on a plane chartered by Ron Desantis.

So let’s get this straight…latest “how many people have to be lying for Velveeta Voldemort to be telling the truth,” allegation is that FBI, led by Donald’s appointee Christopher Wray, PLANTED evidence at Mar-A-Lago? Even OJ Simpson thinks that’s a stretch.

For anyone following Italy’s decision to elect Giorgia Meloni PM and thinking they might be facist-curious, here’s a simple fact: When you give up democracy, it’s really really hard to get it back. Facists with power don’t like elections.

Vladimir Putin just granted Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden. Wait until Snowden figures out that means he can be drafted for Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Rachel Maddow brings up a really scary point about election deniers, now a major faction of GOP,

If elections don’t matter then it doesn’t matter what voters want. The ruling party can do what THEY want.

Admittedly my day job isn’t writing & don’t get paid for tweets but wish we lived in a country now where people discover serious crimes against democracy didn’t feel they had to save the details for their books….

That bad.

September 25, 2022

Sometimes a score doesn’t tell the whole story of the game.

But want to know how ugly Sunday night’s 49ers-Broncos game was? 7-5 SF lead in the 4th quarter and an 11-10 Denver win final score kind of summed it up

Detroit Lions had ten point lead in 4th quarter, three point lead twice late in game in Vikings territory. But Detroit then had one turnover on downs at the 30, one missed 54 yard FG with 2 minutes to go… and their defense allowed Minnesota’ Kirk Cousins to throw two 28 yard passes in about 20 seconds to win the game in the game.

Well, when you’re as historically bad as the Lions, you do find creative way to lose.

Know Drew Brees retired because he didn’t think he could be a top level NFL QB into his 40s. Saints fans are thinking – we’d settle for mediocre about now.

Georgia DB Javon Bullard arrested at 4:57am this am, charged w/ DUI under 21 & other charges including failure to use headlights, failure to carry a license & holding cellphone.

But Bullard has been starter on team And it’s the SEC. So how long until Coach Kirby Smart says he deserves 2nd chance?

Kansas is 4-0, Kansas State is 3-1 and just upset Oklahoma. Almost as if God is a football fan and She approves of Kansas’s recent overwhelming vote to protect women’s right to choice.

So is Brett Favre going to end up in jail or running for the Senate as a Republican in Mississippi?

CNN headline “DeSantis declares state of emergency for Florida.” More like Desantis iS a state of emergency in Florida.

All you need to know about Fox News: headline “Gasoline prices rise for 5th straight day” Buried in story: “Average price for gallon of gasoline in U.S. started rising again in past week, after declining for nearly 100 days in a row.”

100 days Fox didn’t mention gas prices.

How much do we want to hear someone ask Velveeta Voldemort about “Shanah Tovah.” Thinking his response would be something along the lines of “Shanah’s lying, I barely knew her, and she wouldn’t have been my first choice.”

As GOP politicans spread lie Republicans will be better for economy, is anyone asking them about brain drain that will happen as red states try to ban abortion? Thinking a lot of young women will now avoid college and first jobs in states that take away their health freedom.

Has Fox News attacked President Biden for not Sharpie-ing away a hurricane yet?

Liz Cheney about Velveeta Voldemort “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure he is not the nominee,” adding, “And if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.” Disagree with her on almost every issue, but Liz has more cojones than any other Republican in DC

So with Missisisippi using federal money earmarked as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, on behalf of Brett Favre & other rich people, how many poor people including women and children went hungry or without healthcare? For starters. Again: pro-life my a**

We don’t know definite path yet of Ian, but Joe Biden Saturday approved federal disaster declaration. This authorizes FEMA to start getting involved for the storm forecast to reach Florida as a hurricane.

Despite ALL of DeSantis’s attacks on Biden and Democrats, plus his cruel stunts involving migrants. Joe didn’t even insult Florida.

It’s so nice having a President.

Leading by good and bad examples.

September 23, 2022

Two former San Antonio Spurs assistant coaches made news this week. Ime Udoka for a year’s suspension. Becky Hammon for winning WNBA championship. Seems like Uduka’s suspension was richly deserved but Hammon’s coaching Aces to 1st ever title should get more than equal headlines.

When Albert Pujols was born in 1980, most baseball fans were lucky to get this brand new ESPN channel even to see highlights of out of area games. Now tonight as Pujols hit home run 700 ” live only on Apple TV,” we’ve weirdly come full circle

Would anyone who attacked the New Orleans Saints as being too rough on Brett Favre during the 2010 NFC Championship game like to apologize?

Trying to imagine the reaction if you tell the IRS you filed your taxes by thinking about them.

Fox News top headline on undocumented immigrant accused of fatal hit & run while employed by Florida Depart of Transportation Contractor.

Florida DOT is headed by Jared Perdue, who has also been recently named in lawsuits w/ DeSantis for shipping people to Martha’s’ Vineyard.

Maybe if Perdue were focused on his job instead of stunts?

Can someone ask Ron Deathsantis on camera why he’s not shipping Cuban refugees to blue states?

Today’s GOP: Someone helps woman exercise her freedom to chose by traveling across state lines for legal abortion, that’s criminal. Also today’s GOP: Governor spends $12 million in taxpayer dollars to move refugees with no choice from 2nd state to 3rd state, that’s Presidential.

Today’s GOP: Someone helps woman exercise her freedom to chose by traveling across state lines for legal abortion, that’s criminal. Also today’s GOP: Governor spends $12 million in taxpayer dollars to move refugees with no choice from 2nd state to 3rd state, that’s Presidential.

Now WTF Washington Post? This headline “A crowd response at a Trump rally created a quandary: What to do about the QAnon song.” Uh, just like there were not “both sides” at Charlottesville there are not “both sides” about the QAnon song. It is evil and an abomination. Period.

We don’t turn the clocks back in 2022 until November 6. Don’t let the Republicans turn the calendar back to the 1850s on November 8.


Not quite out the door

September 22, 2022

Now the University of California Board of Regent and Pac 12 commissioner both have expressed concerns including both financial, climate (due to increased travel) and academic issues, on UCLA’s proposed move to the Big 10.

Well, the Big 10 probably only wanted USC anyway.-

Amazon says their Prime Video 1st regular-season game (& exclusive broadcast) of “Thursday Night Football” Sept 15 got 15.3 million viewers. Non-cable networks already have limited free games, but how long until Amazon & other streaming services try to monopolize NFL viewing too?

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had said “there was nothing classified in my emails and if there had been I would have declassified them with my mind.”

Some in GOP talking about leaving same-sex & interracial marriage rights to the states.

This would make travel as potentially dangerous for couples as abortion ban are for pregnant women. Imagine being in a red state with an emergency where a decision could only be made by a blood relative or spouse….

CNN, clearly trying to become Fox News Light, is moving Jake Tapper to the 9pm prime time news slot. So Tapper’s audition to move to the dark side has gone well.

Amy Klobuchar channeling her friend John McCain, who hated Citizens United “If you’re Democrat, Republican or independent, you want to know what money is being spent & who is paying for negative ads you see on TV.” She’s right. We all do. Why does today’s GOP not want us to know?

Deathsantis says he’ll spend “every penny” of $12 million (Covid relief fund) set aside by FL GOP lawmakers to seek out migrants planning to travel to Florida & divert them elsewhere. “Planning to travel?” So Ron now has to leave state to find people to traffic for his ambitions?

If your elderly parent said he didn’t need a lawyer because he was taking care of important legal document with his mind, you’d be calling around looking for assisted living options.

One way to know how badly things are going for Velveeta Voldemort at any time would be “Hunter Biden meter.” As in how often conservative media & Republicans bring his name up. And regular reminder, Hunter is not White House special advisor nor does he have security clearance.

Now that the Special Master and conservative 11th Circuit Court have both basically ruled against Aileen Cannon how long until she puts in her application to be a legal analyst on Fox News.

On the way out.

September 22, 2022

Don’t get me wrong, Albert Pujols is having great farewell season & it’s fun to watch. But this was pretty great farewell season too – batting .304 w/ 68 runs, 18 HRs & 56 RBIs in 395 at bats. He just didn’t tell us so no one knew 2021 was going to be Buster Posey’s last season.

And now Buster Posey is part of the SF Giants ownership group. Well, if he was looking for a post-career hobby, seems a lot more fun than collecting fancy cars or something.

Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka apparently will be suspended & face other disciplinary action because of “consensual, intimate relationship” with woman on Celtics staff.

Not that women don’t do stupid things in leadership positions. But they can at least usually make decisions with their upper brains.

NFL just warned former Bucs’ coach Bruce Arians over sideline conduct in Week 2 against New Orleans Saints saying “future similar conduct will result in discipline for him & the club.”

Uh, discipline for a team with Tom Brady as Tampa Bay QB, this means league will slap Bucs’ hand really hard?

The 11th Circuit Appeals court, dominated by Velveeta Voldemort appointees, just ruled unanimously that DOJ can go back to reviewing documents they found at Mar-A-Lago. I feel for whoever at Mar-A-Lago has to clean ketchup off the wall.

What Velveeta Voldemort did with his property valuation is like if you used your 2021 Ferrari as collateral for a loan – and instead of actually having a 2021 Ferrari you had a 2001 Honda Civic.

Under federal law, if you lie on a single mortgage application the punishment can range as high as 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine. Just saying.

Letitia James “White collar financial crime is not a victimless crime; when well-connected break law it reduces resources for others… Everyday people cannot lie to a bank to get a favorable loan, if they did govt would throw the book at them. Why should this be any different?”

Velveeta Voldemort whining in fundraising email on FBI search “Has already been proven that so much has been wrongfully taken; my house was “ransacked” & in far different condition than way I left it. So sad!”

1.Proven by who?

2. He doesn’t post pictures of before, during and after the search.. Bet FBI has pictures.

Senate actually voted 96-0 on an amendment to global climate treaty to ensure China is not treated as a developing country. For those who thought Senate wouldn’t vote 96-0 to agree that the sky is blue.

Stephen Colbert says Mar-A-Lago is valued at $75 But according to Letitia James, Velveeta Voldemort claimed it was worth $739 million “Well of course it’s worth less now, the FBI took away all the most resellable documents.”

Up for the count

September 21, 2022

Nothing against Aaron Judge, who is a great player. But should home runs against the Pittsburgh Pirates have an asterisk?

And for all the effort by MLB to tinker with postseason schedule to add two playoff teams seems like the only drama at season’s end might be – with Judge and Pujols, old fashioned home run counts.

RIP Maury Wills, 89 one of the greatest base stealers of all time. Even as an SF Giants fan I can acknowledge this former member of the LA Dodgers was so good back in the day that Giants groundskeeper at Candlestick Park watered down the dirt between the bases in hopes of slowing him.

“Orange Jesus?” Thank whoever in GOP came up with that name for ruining the childhood memory of an “Orange Julius” for many of us.

Since Ron DeathSantis seems to have extra money and available planes lying around perhaps he could quit the refugee stunts and work on sending food and other necessary supplies to his fellow Americans in Puerto Rico?

As this point it almost seems like the person who told Velveeta Voldemort that Judge Dearie would be a pushover is the same person who scheduled a press conference at Four Seasons landscaping.

So did Velveeta Voldemort suggest Judge Dearie because he was confused and “Dearie” is his private nickname for Judge Judy?

GOP House members want President Biden to send them documents related to son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Of course they all asked Former Guy for similar documents on Jared & Ivanka, especially after they unlike Hunter, were given security clearances by their dad. #sarcasm

Stephen Colbert last night points out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis abducted the refugees he sent to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas – “For a guy who acts so concerned about borders he doesn’t seem to know where his state ends.”

Stephen Colbert tonight may have the best revenge idea yet to retaliate against Texas bussing migrants to NY. Let’s send Texas busloads of Times Square tourists -“Hundreds of people holding M&Ms wandering aimlessly in search of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory…”

Ugly numbers game.

September 19, 2022



Not lottery numbers, but SF Giants line score in Colorado.

Not the prettiest win of the year. But one of the more….interesting.

(and yes, 10-15-4 is 10 runs, 15 hits FOUR errors.)

For the first time in three years the LA Dodgers no longer have the highest payroll in baseball. The reason, since Trevor Bauer suspended without pay for violating the sport’s domestic violence policy, his $32 million salary no longer counts

(Though with higher tax rates as a repeat offender, the Dodgers are on track to pay $29.4 million in luxury tax alone, which is about two-thirds of the Orioles’ entire payroll.)

President Biden & FLOTUS arrived late for Queen’s funeral & were seated in 14th row. Velveeta Voldemort posted it was due to UK now respecting US less & if HE were in office he would never have been seated “back there.” More like he’d have been seated in the Westminister loo.

Increasingly pretty obvious that Velveeta Voldemort’s rationale for not turning over classified documents could be summed up in two sentences:

1. I don’t wanna.

2. You can’t make me.

Dear Marsha Blackburn. President Biden is not anti-police Democrats are not anti-police. They do not want to “defund the police” and have said so repeatedly. So respectfully asking “are you deaf, or just lying to appeal to your base?” Sincerely, Americans tired of lies.

Am used to trolls but today saw Senator Amy Klobuchar post about helping Puerto Rico and one troll’s response “Now help the people of the USA….”


Today’s GOP:

We are going to arrest women who choose to cross state lines to get an abortion because we claim to care about life

Also today’s GOP: We’ll give women (and children) no choice in being shipped across state lines because we don’t give a d*mn about their lives.

So perhaps the most consequential election of our lifetime is in 50 days. And media is all a tizzy because President Biden said about 2024 “it’s much too early to make that kind of decision.” We need to focus on 2022 to make sure we HAVE real elections in 2024. Do better, media.

And after the Former Guy took to Truth Social to complain that President Biden was seated in the 14th row and he would have had a better seat, I am increasingly convinced that one of Queen Elizabeth II’s late in life goals was to live long enough to make sure he would be out of office and not have an automatic invite to her funeral.

RIP Elizabeth R. (didn’t queue up, but did give up a bit of sleep to watch some of the ceremony online).

Coming up Aces

September 19, 2022

Congratulations A’ja Wilson and rookie head coach Becky Hammon on the Las Vegas Aces’ first ever WNBA championship.


Nice side sports note. WNBA finals game 4 in today. And Raiders and Aces owner Mark Davis instead of being in Las Vegas with his NFL team chose to be in Connecticut with his women’s team.

Auburn head football coach Bryan Harsin almost fired last year as team lost 5 games to end 2021 season. This Saturday, Tigers were embarrassed 41-12 by Penn State.

Scary, another recent timet in the not too distant past when Auburn gave a coach an expensive buy-out, he ended up a Senator from Alabama. #TommyTuberville.

ESPN saying LA Dodgers Mookie Betts, Trea Turner & Freddie Freeman might be best 1-2-3 hitters ever in baseball. 2

2022 salaries: Betts $25.5 million

Turner $21 million

Freeman $24.6 million

Cleveland Guardians, leading admittedly woeful AL Central, total payroll $66.5 million.

Trey Lance suffered an ankle injury today that will likely result in season ending surgery.

So now that the 49ers need another backup QB, anyone seen Colin Kaepernick?

President Biden today declares emergency over Tropical Storm Fiona in Puerto Rico. But will Joe also stop in Puerto Rico on his way back from the Queen’s funeral to throw residents paper towels? #Sarcasm

Marjorie Three Names last night at Velveeta Voldemort rally talked about “defunding” the Department of Education. Actually today’s GOP would like to defund public education period.

The European Parliament passed a motion last week saying Hungary is no longer a democracy, but an “electoral autocracy.”

Sadly, many in today’s GOP are trying to get USA to follow suit.

No full house

September 17, 2022

Former UCLA QB Troy Aikman tweeted today that a largely empty Rose Bowl Saturday was “an embarrassment” for a Bruins home game today against South Alabama.

So maybe that’s another reason UCLA decided to join the BIG Ten. Figuring fans of midwestern teams will show up for games and a nice Los Angeles weekend?

As it increasingly looks as if Brett Favre may have engaged in criminal behavior can we update all those old Brett indecision about retirement jokes and change the punchline to Tom Brady?

Sometimes I wonder how people can be so stupid as to vote for obvious liars. Then (no joke) I see on a bottle of California champagne/sparkling wine. “Never use a corkscrew.”

Velveeta Voldemort took shots at JD Vance at Ohio rally supposedly supporting Vance “JD is kissing my a**, he wants my support. I’m 18 points up. If I was 18 points down, he wouldn’t want my support.'” Positioning himself to claim when Tim Ryan wins Senate it’s all JDs fault?

Wonder how many unwanted pregnancies involve men using erectile dysfunction drugs? And wonder how loud GOP would scream if a Democratic Senator introduced legislation to severely restrict use of Viagra?

Yes, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has national ambitions. And yes he wants to make headlines. But today CNN equated Newsom’s putting pro-choice billboards across US with Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott’s shipping actual human beings across the US.

Do better, CNN.

Important detail. The refugees Deathsantiss sent to Martha’s Vineyard weren’t even from Florida. He sent a plane to pick them up in Texas before traveling to Massachusetts. Ron’s got money for cruel stunts. But again, wait to see what happens when Florida gets hit by a hurricane.

Right-wing media claiming DeSantis & Abbott’s cruelly sending desperate refugees to blue states is brilliant ways to make point less affected states should share more costs. So next time there’s natural disaster in red state should Biden bus displaced victims to Florida or Texas?

Republicans – our TOP priority is the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception Also Republicans – actual desperate people, including women and children, from the moment they flee their homelands in hopes of freedom and jobs, are less than human.

He’s the son of a Cuban refugee who escaped a dictator and made it to the US after only after a family lawyer bribed official to grant him an exit permit. Which makes Ted Cruz’s behavior towards desperate women and children fleeing Venezuela particularly reprehensible.

If there were a US rail strike this weekend media would be all over President Biden for failing to stop it. Now, since Joe helped broker a deal, Fox News etc claims the deal was too expensive. And mainstream media has moved on to other clickbait…

Why are people talking about Judge Aileen Cannon destroying her career with her nonsensical decision on Mar-A-Lago documents. Aileen figures either Velveeta Voldemort gets back in White House and appoints her to SCOTUS, or she takes over at Fox from Janine Pirro.

So while Governors Abbott and DeSantis are vying to see who can show the most hate towards migrants, Governor Youngkin has entered the chat by bullying transgender students.

Even back in my school days, women & girls avoided lines by using mens’ rooms. Kids don’t care who uses what bathroom. Forcing transgender students to use facilities to match their birth gender isn’t about protecting kids. It’s about hate, period. Hate has become GOP brand.

Many Americans cannot understand while the British will wait in line up to 24 hours to pay respects to the coffin of their Queen. They think people should only queue up that long for really important things, like the launch of a new iPhone.

Increasingly convinced one of Queen Elizabeth II’s late-in-life goals was to live long enough that Velveeta Voldemort would no longer be President and so wouldn’t be invited to her funeral.

Headlines and lies.

September 16, 2022

Actually ESPN headline “Kansas City Chiefs seize early control of the AFC West, defeat Los Angeles Chargers.

It’s NFL WEEK 1 – Yes, VERY early control.

Beginning to look like Brett Favre might, besides his indecision late in his career, might also be a genuine crook. If so, guess we can change all those Favre retirement jokes and just substitute Tom Brady.

NY Times burying lede:”Since Biden took office, more than million migrants have entered US, many will wait months or yr for hearings. More than million were SIMILARLY admitted on temporary basis over 2-yr stretch of Trump administration.” GOP Govs didn’t sent them to Mar-A-Lago.

When you lie to desperate refugees including women and children and put them on a plane to a strange place with no food or water, at the same time you try to take healthcare freedom from America women, pretty safe to say that NFW are you “pro-life.”

If GOP Governors actually wanted to help with migrants entering US they’d look at the combination of US labor shortages and people willing to risk their lives to come to US to work – and urge GOP Senators to work with Democrats on immigration reform.

Stephen Colbert suggests DeSantis use $12 million he’s using for cruel stunts during global warming on something more useful…like snorkels or waterproof meth (for gators ).

Seriously, when Florida next gets hit by hurricane how long until Ron asks for federal $$?

CNN’s Jake Tapper has become somewhat of GOP apologist lately, but apparently finally found a limit.

When PA GOP candidate Mastriano, with links to anti-semitic site GAB, lied that Josh Shapiro’s Jewish parochial school (where 60% of kids get tuition assistance) is “1 of most privileged schools in US.,” Jake had had enough.

School is also Tapper’s alma mater.

Tammy Duckworth talks on how young women who go to college in Southern states can be denied reproductive decision making. (Not just college students. What if woman attends say, wedding or family event in Nashville or New Orleans & has an pregnancy crisis, for starters?)

Amy Klobuchar on abortion rights “The women of this country and the men who stand with them have had it.” Yes we have


Big Tech ads claim antitrust legislation hurts consumers. Amazon now tells 3rd-party sellers they can’t offer items at lower price, anywhere. Small businesses cannot sell on EBay or even own site for less. That’s wrong & contributes to higher prices.

Don’t fall for Big Tech lies

For all that some in GOP like to lie and accuse Biden’s nominated judges of being soft on crime, the judge who is really coddling a criminal is Aileen Cannon.

Worthy competition.

September 15, 2022

The Congressional Women’s softball team had their first win in years in their annual game in Washingtion DC against the press team. So what’s next? The Washington Nationals? But this year the Nats might be an easier opponent.

Stories about Brett Favre get worse and worse. So how long until he runs for Senate as a Republican

Media giving King Charles III some negative press for things like complaining about a messy desk or a leaky pen… Well, at least Charles didn’t try to bury his mother (or his ex-wife) on his golf course.

It’s not just about them claiming to “believe” the 2020 election was stolen. Most Republicans don’t believe most of what Velveeta Voldemort says. It’s not that they’re stupid. It’s that they believe their voters are.

Good news coming out of Ukraine these days. So how many Russian Generals are going to start falling out of windows?

Meanwhile while Biden was criticized for taking Air Force One to vote in Delaware… In October 2020, Velveeta Voldemort had already flown to Mar-A-Lago for weekend before he was driven to the polls. Then he took Air Force One on a 1-day 3-state campaign tour. Cost comparison?

So if Jeffrey Epstein’s clients were too rich and powerful to be convicted how does that QWhite explain R.Kelly?

An important distinction. Pro-choice is not the same as pro-abortion. It means giving women the freedom and choice to make their own healthcare decisions. It means trusting women..

Cancun Cruz pontificating on Senate floor Wednesday over school shootings. He wants to take unused COVID funds to have police officers in schools. Yeah, that worked out so well when police showed up in Uvalde.

Now (someone got hold of our office email list) getting almost daily fundraising emails from Velveeta Voldemort and Ivanka for a signed copy of Jared Kushner’s book. Translation – NO one’s buying it.

Sending migrants to blue states not cruel enough for Ron Deathsantis. Instead of flying families w/ children to Boston he sent them to Martha’s Vineyard, after tourist season. The island’s population goes from more like 200,000 to more like 20,000.

Many business close or reduce hours. Most flights stop after Labor Day so most access to island now only by ferry. The cruelty is the point.

Suppose it would be wrong to suggest to Velveeta Voldemort that with people waiting in line for 2 miles to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin they might wait in a longer line to see his?

Mike Pence “I’m convinced enthusiasm among pro-life Americans across USA is equal or greater than any new motivation by people supporting abortion rights.”

Yep, Pence showing the wise judgment that in 2016 before Tr*mp made him VP that had 36% of deep red Indiana saying he should be re-elected

Meanwhile while Biden was criticized for taking Air Force One to vote in Delaware… In October 2020, Velveeta Voldemort had already flown to Mar-A-Lago for weekend before he was driven to the polls. Then he took Air Force One on a 1-day 3-state campaign tour. Cost comparison?

Coming up Aces.

September 14, 2022

Las Vegas Aces 85, Connecticut Sun 71. WNBA Finals Game 3 is September 15, but after game 2, Mark Davis’s decision to give the biggest ever ($1 million) WNBA coaching contract to Becky Hammon might be looking like a bargain. And maybe some NBA teams missed their chance.

LIV Golf’s season-ending team championship includes match-play head-to-head knockout playoff and $50 million purse and will be played at Tr*mp National Doral Miami in late October.

“Siri, what is blood money?”

All these headlines, like this from People: “King Charles Has Mishap with Pen in Ireland: “I Can’t Bear This Bloody Thing.”

Apparently Charles briedly forgot the date, and then the pen leaked all over his hand.

Well, 1st it was Northern Ireland.

2nd his mom just died, he’s 73 yrs old, exhausted & just taken on rather big job. Most of us would probably do more than scream at a pen.

President Biden, talking about GOP trying to require Social Security to be reauthorized every 5 years, or in Ron Johnson’s case, every year: “You paid for Social Security, you paid for Medicare.”

He’s right. We almost all have. I’ve had deductions taken from my paycheck since I was 15 years old.

Lindsey Graham is introducing legislation for a nationwide abortion ban. Graham has never been married or even known to be in a serious relationship but thinks he has the right to control women’s healthcare decisions. Who does Lindsey think he is, the Pope?

So tired already of GOP BS argument that nationwide 15 week abortion ban would “put America in line with most of western world.”

Most of western world has universal healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, subsidized childcare, etc.

GOP isn’t pro-life, they are pro-birth. And anti-women.

Some Democratic Senators didn’t vote & Yale Law graduate Arianna Freeman’s confirmation as Circuit Court judge failed for now – 47-49, a rare defeat for President Biden.

GOP attacked her work as court appointed defense lawyer & Ted Cruz attacked her for defending death penalty inmates. Freeman is black. Coincidence?

Kenneth Starr, 76, has died. Starr spent over $52 million investigating Bill Clinton, then later was fired as President of Baylor University for ignoring a sexual assault scandal involving the football team. And Starr defended Jeffrey Epstein.

If you can’t say anything nice…

So no comment.

Joni Ernst whining today Democrats are spending too much Senate time confirming judges. Well, if GOP wouldn’t have all these largely performative efforts to drag confirmation votes out, Senate would have time for many more things. So Senator Ernst, maybe talk to your colleagues.

Amy Klobuchar pointed out on “All In With Chris Hayes ” that Lindsey Graham’s bill is worse even than it sounds. Would outlaw abortion at 15 weeks in blue states, but more restrictive state laws completely banning abortion would take precedence.

And if GOP took over House & Senate their goal IS a complete ban


And then there were six.

September 12, 2022

All the machinations and effort MLB went into for getting three wild card teams in each league, largely to increase TV viewership.

And there’s a good chance now with less than a month left in season that a week out it will all not matter except for seeding.

ESPN reporting Stephen Curry said Warriors “internally discussed” a trade to get Kevin Durant back. Well, as big a hit as would’ve been against NBA salary cap Golden State probably figured, hey, would only be for year or two max before KD got disgrunted & wanted to leave again.

GOP – we can’t possibly track gun purchases as that would be an infringement on our freedom as Americans. Also GOP- we see no problem tracking women’s menstrual periods and if they buy pregnancy tests.

If you’re a Democrat now who wants attention from the media, forget introducing important legislation or traveling to Ukraine or touting benefits of infrastructure law or Inflation Reduction Act – just give a vague or negative answer about President Biden running in 2024.

Republicans who are scrubbing mention of abortion from their campaign websites want voters to act like Susan Collins who believed Brett Kavanaugh when he said he respected precedent and was “no threat” to Roe. Be smarter than Susan Collins.

Imagine if Maggie Haberman and others released the information they had for their books while Velveeta Voldemort was being impeached for a second time.

NRA is furious over major credit card companies decision to put gun sales into a new tracking category saying “it’s about creating a national registry of gun owners.” And their point is?

The Emmy’s were tonight. Has Velveeta Voldemort ranted yet that he hasn’t been nominated?

Congratulations to The White Lotus, that won Emmy for best limited series. Great very dark comedy-drama set at a resort in Maui. Even if for those of us in the travel industry many of the fictitious guests came awfully close to making us think we were watching a documentary.

Fox News again attacking John Fetterman over delaying debate schedule with Dr. Oz for “auditory processing” issues after Fetterman’s stroke. But re Herschel Walker, who without medical issues, has nonstop excuses for not debating Senator Warnock – nothing to see here, move along.

Not so underage?

September 12, 2022

Carlos Alcaraz,, 19. is the US Open winner and now the youngest ever men’s tennis number one ranked player. Now, at 19 he’s legal to drink in Spain, but wonder if he’ll get carded now in New York.

Yes, more important things going on right now: BUT – WNBA finals have started, and Becky Hammon, first NBA woman assistant coach with San Antonio Spurs, is now with Las Vegas Aces and the first WNBA coach to be paid $1 million a year. In case you were looking for a sporting event to care about

While many college football fans were disappointed by their teams’ performances Saturday, at least most of us can at least smile at thought of Marshall’s upset win over Notre Dame.

Yes, Joe Biden is 79, and not thrilled myself that every member of Democratic “official” Senate leadership is 70 or older. But as to Democrats having an age problem. Uh, Velveeta Voldemort is 76, and Mitch McConnell is 80.

But yeah, good that President Biden is going to the Queen’s funeral. He can both pay his respects to Elizabeth II, and offer advice to the new young King Charles.

Is it just possible Queen Elizabeth lived so long in part because she couldn’t bear the thought of Velveeta Voldemort as US President being entitled to go to her funeral.

King Charles III has gotten off to a good start with the British people. But if he really wants to be beloved, the new King could issue a proclamation barring alleged traitor and insurrection leader Donald Tr*mp from the UK.

Inn Meet the Press interview VP Kamala Harris said she had “great concern about the integrity of this Supreme Court.” And “I think this is an activist court.” What was her first clue?

So Velveeta Voldemort wants us to forget anything bad happened involving his supporters on January 6. Well, it’s not like he wants us to forget 15 out of 19 hijackers on 9-11 were citizens of a country run by his supporters and big donors….

Is Senator Warnock REALLY polling close to even with Herschel Walker? Doesn’t matter. Even if Reverend Warnock were polling 20 points ahead, only “poll” that matters is election results. Warnock is a good Senator, Walker seriously needs help. But it all comes down to VOTES.

If you weren’t already a John Fetterman fan. This line from him tonight about the midterms “Women are the reason we can win. Don’t piss women off.” #VoteBlue2022

Sympathy and lack thereof.

September 10, 2022

The NY Yankees have lost 12 games off their 15 1/2 game lead in AL West and their “first round bye is in danger.”

“Oh boo bleeping hoo” said fans of about 20 teams with smaller playoffs and none chance even to get in the playoffs.

Mark Davis, owner of Las Vegas Raiders & Las Vegas Aces complains his e Aces WNBA finals game 1 is at same time as Raiders game. Do I really care if billionaire can see both of his teams?

No. But WNBA supposedly is trying to grow their audience. Who scheduled their finals game 1 on NFL opening Sunday?

Joe Biden was right, “you can’t love your country only when you win.”

Also true of baseball. But okay, SF Giants have ten hits in last three games…?!! . Not ten runs, ten HITS. That’s testing fan love.

Facebook/Meta is scared of bipartisan antitrust leglislation, continuing to run regulary dishonest and expensive ads claiming it will harm consumers & innovation and contribute to inflation.

To be fair, Meta’s profit was lower in 2022 Q2 than in 2021. They ONLY made, in this 2nd quarter $6.69 billion.

Steve Bannon claims “35 Trump Allies” were raided yesterday…. Well, why tell a small lie when a huge one can go just as viral?

GOP: Why has John Fetterman been avoiding debating Dr. Oz. What is he hiding?

Also GOP: Why does Reverend Warnock keep asking Herschel Warnock to debate him? What do debates matter?

Fox News for some reason isn’t covering Steve Bannon’s latest arrest & perp walk, even to proclaim his innocence. Maybe because this time Bannon’s been charged with defrauding his own GOP donors… who sent money allegedly to build a border wall.

It’s. A. Cult.

For anyone who’s been told by millennials or Gen Z that they’re too old to aspire to a top job, remind them, King Charles III is 73 years old.

“God Save the King” being played in England for the first time in my lifetime. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

How grateful that we are that for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral the US will be represented by President Joe Biden instead of the Former Guy.

Changing the song

September 9, 2022

For my entire life, like most of us, it’s been “God save the Queen.”

I have admired the Queen since I was a child. I adore Paddington. And this might be the best “comment” of the day.

Hey haters. Whatever you think about the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t someone who ran for job like a President or Prime Minister. Had her uncle not abdicated she’d have happily lived largely out of the limelight. She did her duty, for 70 years, to God and her country. RIP.

Also, RIP Bernard Shaw, 82.

Shaw was a great anchor, and a reminder of what CNN used to be. But he picked a bad day to die as far as getting headlines.

MLB will vote tomorrow on rule changes in 2023 for pitch clock, eliminatiing shift etc, limits time a pitcher can step off rubber. All to reduce the total time to play a major league game. They’re willing to do ANYTHING but shorten the number & time of commercials.

GOP Senators fighting President Biden’s request for $47 billion emergency funding for Ukraine, COVID-19, monkeypox & natural disasters. GOP says they support Ukraine. So next tornado, flood, hurricane etc, those same Senators will say to federal aid “No thanks, we’re good?”

Let me get this straight:

Apparently MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur referred to now King Charles III as “going to be king.”

He IS King. (from the moment his mother died.)

Then she referred to George W. Bush & Jimmy Carter by their names only, but to “President Trump.”

Velveeta Voldemort is NOT President. My head hurts.

Don’t care much about bots and trolls… sticks and stones and all that. But reading some troll responses, where start by attacking attack Liz Cheney & Bill Barr as RINOS… And that’s the NICE stuff. It’s a cult.

“Women in particular are furious. Women’s voter sign-ups surged. Big mistake. You’ve got to take away women’s right to vote before you take away their right to choose.” Don’t think that’s on GOP to-do list? #GetMadAndVote

Past the midnight hour

September 8, 2022

ESPN, men’s quarterfinal match between Sinner and Alcarez still going in 5th set at 2:30a Eastern Time. Like that old children’s book “Could this go on all day and night? It could you know and it just might.”

Match ended about 3a. At least with the US Open in New York City, Carlos Alvarez and the fans still left at Flushing Meadows will be able to find restaurants and bars open for a snack and a nightcap.

Big 12 now apparently looking to add schools “‘out West,” for basketball and football

Why don’t these conferences just give up on the names and start referencing to themselves as NBA and NFL minor league divisions?

In California, residents got a text atert Tuesday afternoon that the state’s power grid was being strained by extreme heat and asked people to turn off or reduce nonessential power to avoid power interruptions.. And Californianss DID it. And there were no rolling blackouts. What a concept. People behaving with a sense of responsibility towards others.

Seems pretty obvious after Former Guy refused to turn over documents DOJ felt need to go get them. Also seems obvious after Jan 6 some members of Congress may be compromised. But some GOP say Congress should have been consulted. Are they clueless or do they think we are?

So will the post-presidency portrait of Velveeta Voldemort be painted from a mug shot?

One of many problems with this “Special Master” idea would be need for someone with both proven discretion and incredibly high security clearance to look at documents even FBI agents couldn’t read. Seems to me one of the only people who fits this bill is President Obama.

Stephen Colbert nails it on information on another country’s nuclear capabilites being found at Mar-A-Lago: “This time the Former President wasn’t just betraying our country, he brought in another country for a menage a treason.”

As Dr. Oz increasingly tries to make John Fetterman’s health and less than perfect speech after a stroke an issue, would someone care to ask Senator and fellow 2022 candidate Chuck Grassley, 88, what he thinks?

Sen. Marco Rubio seems willing to excuse Velveeta Voldemort anything & everything, even when countless lives are at stake. Marco loves bible verses. He forgot this one: “You shall not make for yourselves an idol, you shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them.”

Rant time: Senators do what they want during August. recess. Senators Amy Klobuchar & Rob Portman last week went to Ukraine to show bipartisan US support,, met w/ Zelenskyy & saw results of Putin’s evil invasion, including mass graves.

This week’s media’s more focused on what Senators who went on vacation thought of FBI search warrant at Mar-A-Lago. . Do better, media.