Changing the song

For my entire life, like most of us, it’s been “God save the Queen.”

I have admired the Queen since I was a child. I adore Paddington. And this might be the best “comment” of the day.

Hey haters. Whatever you think about the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t someone who ran for job like a President or Prime Minister. Had her uncle not abdicated she’d have happily lived largely out of the limelight. She did her duty, for 70 years, to God and her country. RIP.

Also, RIP Bernard Shaw, 82.

Shaw was a great anchor, and a reminder of what CNN used to be. But he picked a bad day to die as far as getting headlines.

MLB will vote tomorrow on rule changes in 2023 for pitch clock, eliminatiing shift etc, limits time a pitcher can step off rubber. All to reduce the total time to play a major league game. They’re willing to do ANYTHING but shorten the number & time of commercials.

GOP Senators fighting President Biden’s request for $47 billion emergency funding for Ukraine, COVID-19, monkeypox & natural disasters. GOP says they support Ukraine. So next tornado, flood, hurricane etc, those same Senators will say to federal aid “No thanks, we’re good?”

Let me get this straight:

Apparently MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur referred to now King Charles III as “going to be king.”

He IS King. (from the moment his mother died.)

Then she referred to George W. Bush & Jimmy Carter by their names only, but to “President Trump.”

Velveeta Voldemort is NOT President. My head hurts.

Don’t care much about bots and trolls… sticks and stones and all that. But reading some troll responses, where start by attacking attack Liz Cheney & Bill Barr as RINOS… And that’s the NICE stuff. It’s a cult.

“Women in particular are furious. Women’s voter sign-ups surged. Big mistake. You’ve got to take away women’s right to vote before you take away their right to choose.” Don’t think that’s on GOP to-do list? #GetMadAndVote

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