Past the midnight hour

ESPN, men’s quarterfinal match between Sinner and Alcarez still going in 5th set at 2:30a Eastern Time. Like that old children’s book “Could this go on all day and night? It could you know and it just might.”

Match ended about 3a. At least with the US Open in New York City, Carlos Alvarez and the fans still left at Flushing Meadows will be able to find restaurants and bars open for a snack and a nightcap.

Big 12 now apparently looking to add schools “‘out West,” for basketball and football

Why don’t these conferences just give up on the names and start referencing to themselves as NBA and NFL minor league divisions?

In California, residents got a text atert Tuesday afternoon that the state’s power grid was being strained by extreme heat and asked people to turn off or reduce nonessential power to avoid power interruptions.. And Californianss DID it. And there were no rolling blackouts. What a concept. People behaving with a sense of responsibility towards others.

Seems pretty obvious after Former Guy refused to turn over documents DOJ felt need to go get them. Also seems obvious after Jan 6 some members of Congress may be compromised. But some GOP say Congress should have been consulted. Are they clueless or do they think we are?

So will the post-presidency portrait of Velveeta Voldemort be painted from a mug shot?

One of many problems with this “Special Master” idea would be need for someone with both proven discretion and incredibly high security clearance to look at documents even FBI agents couldn’t read. Seems to me one of the only people who fits this bill is President Obama.

Stephen Colbert nails it on information on another country’s nuclear capabilites being found at Mar-A-Lago: “This time the Former President wasn’t just betraying our country, he brought in another country for a menage a treason.”

As Dr. Oz increasingly tries to make John Fetterman’s health and less than perfect speech after a stroke an issue, would someone care to ask Senator and fellow 2022 candidate Chuck Grassley, 88, what he thinks?

Sen. Marco Rubio seems willing to excuse Velveeta Voldemort anything & everything, even when countless lives are at stake. Marco loves bible verses. He forgot this one: “You shall not make for yourselves an idol, you shall not bow yourself down to them, nor serve them.”

Rant time: Senators do what they want during August. recess. Senators Amy Klobuchar & Rob Portman last week went to Ukraine to show bipartisan US support,, met w/ Zelenskyy & saw results of Putin’s evil invasion, including mass graves.

This week’s media’s more focused on what Senators who went on vacation thought of FBI search warrant at Mar-A-Lago. . Do better, media.

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