Last Bird call

Am a big Becky Hammon fan so glad to see her coach Aces to WNBA finals. But Sue Bird, who will be 42 next month, is impressive as h*ll.

21 years as professional athlete all w/ Seattle Storm & still great in 2022 playoffs. (Only 8 men have played 20 years in NBA.)

Now back to snark.

All this effort to add an extra wild card team to MLB, so that six make the playoffs in each league.. and all but about seven teams per league are likely to be eliminated before the last week of the season.

Stephen Colbert talks about how Aileen Cannon was nominated by the Former Guyt & “was confirmed after 2020 election… It’s like head ref of Super Bowl was Tom Brady’s dad.”

Well, actually it does feel sometimes like NFL refs are all Tom Brady’s dad. Otherwise good point.

Dr. Oz now saying if he were in the Senate that he would have voted to certify Biden’s election. This is going to work as well to get undecided voters as CNN’s attempt to be Fox News is going to work to get conservative viewers.

Retiring PA Sen. Toomey asked if he’d support GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, “I have limit of how many political campaigns I’m getting involved in. Going to stick to Senate race & handful of House races.” He didn’t think women would buy “I’ll be busy washing my hair?

Calif. Gov Newsom signed bill that could raise mimimum wage for fast-food restaurants part of chains w/ more than 100 units nationwide to $22 an hour.

Some complaining higher pay will raise prices. As opposed to McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski being paid $20 million in 2021?

Dear media. Since it’s all about controversy and clickbait, here’s a suggestion: Please ask on camera, GOP Senate and House members who claim to be pro-law and order, what they think about Velveeta Voldemort saying “FBI & DOJ have become vicious monsters.”

Hillary Clinton was pilloried because she used private email server some said MIGHT have been less than secure. Velveeta Voldemort left nuclear secrets lying scattered around his open-to-anyone-for-a-price resort like discarded cheeseburger wrappers. See the difference?

Stephen Colbert on same page as many Americans (including me) on Joe Biden’s saying some of this extreme GOP philosophy is like “semi-facism.” “Some people think that’s wrong thing to say & I agree. Semi? It’s not like they tried to overthrow the election just a little bit.”

It was 105 degrees in Palo Alto, California right now.

No reporter could “both sides” it into feeling comfortable.

Just as these days no reporter can “both sides” MAGA Trumpies into being reasonable.

If Velveeta Voldemort did shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, media now would criticize President Biden for calling him a murderer.

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