Break through performances

Congratulations to Frances Tiafoe. But okay, who before today had even heard of Frances Tiafoe? #USOpen


His name is Lewis Brinson. I hadn’t heard of him either. 1st round draft pick in 2012. Mostly a career minor leaguer, just picked up by SF Giants from Astros Triple A team. Two home runs tonight against the LA Dodgers. Sometimes I LOVE baseball #ForeverGiant

Marco Rubio says classified documents at Mar-A-Lago were just “a storage problem.” Well, it’s not like Rubio has much familiarity with national security. He’s only vice-chair of the Senate intelligence committee.

When they prove they’re lying on own website:

Fox News headline: “Biden slams half of America again, breaking unity promise repeatedly.”

Then their article quotes Joe: I “want to be very clear up front, not every Republican is a MAGA Republican. Not every Republican embraces that extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with mainstream Republicans in my whole career.”

But the extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division.”

Also President Biden to a heckler ‘Let him go, everyone’s entitled to be an idiot.” V

Velveeta Voldemort at one of his rallies: “If you see somebody with a tomato, knock the crap out of them.” But Joe’s the “mean” one?

So what now? Trump is going to demand Rudy Giuliani be appointed Special Master?

One of many Velveeta Voldemort fundraising emails today: “Midterm Elections are absolutely vital to future of our great Nation” Politicians often donate $$ to colleagues. But he keeps it ALL for himself. Only good thing. Money lining his pockets doesn’t go to GOP candidates.

Ailleen Cannon, Federalist Society judge who ruled Special Master was required to review documents found at Mar-A-Lago, said in her 2019 nomination questionnaire she was originally chosen as potential judge by Marco Rubio. If you know anyone in Florida who needed any more reason to vote for Val Demings.

With all these MAGA candidates wiping anti-abortion language off their websites, remember, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett didn’t talk about taking away women’s freedom during their confirmation hearings either.

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